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There are several options for reviewing the images on TheWorldinLight gallery:

    Links  The links are categorized by both geographical region and by subject, so you can search for images either way. These links will direct you to a page of thumbnail-sized images. Moving your cursor over any image will enlarge it for easier viewing. Clicking any image will take you to a page with a larger version of that image and the ordering information for that image. Every page with a large image will also have links to allow you to step page-by-page through all available large images.

    Site Map  Our site map lists every subject of photograph available on our gallery as well as a listing of geographical locations for which there are available photographs.

    View All  – there is a “View all” link on each large image page that goes to a page of thumbnail images of that category. From any page of thumbnail images there are links to other pages of thumbnail images in different categories. Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view and the opportunity to purchase.

    Large images –  every thumbnail image is a link to a page with a larger view of that image.

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