a photo of Robert Stephens in 
an ice cave on Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand

Robert D. Stephens - The photographer for TheWorldinLight Photographic Gallery

Most of the worldís greatest scenery takes a bit more to experience than just putting the window down in the car. If a place takes a tough hike or trek to reach, it usually seems all the better when you get there. And if that means youíre one in a thousand people, or one in ten thousand people to see a place, then it becomes more than just a glimpse of a scenic spot. And if you add to this the opportunity to pass through or stay in little villages populated by people of different cultures, the experience seems even better yet.

Some of my best experiences have come from being surrounded by little children that donít speak my language, or perhaps they stare or laugh at me in disbelief because theyíve either never seen someone with a beard, or perhaps, one as white as mine. And then watching big grins as I give them little gifts or treats, something every guide book says not to do. But why not come bearing little gifts, especially when it creates such happiness.

For the last ten years, Iíve been creating this website to share some of my images and experiences with fellow travelers to inform people about the things to see and do in some of the countries Iíve visited. It was kind of a favor returned for someoneís on-line travelogue of Nepal that I found, read, and appreciated while planning my trip there in 1999.

Iím not a computer programmer, so the effort of trying to make such websites was educational. Iím still not a programmer and donít know enough to make my sites very sophisticated, so I aim for functionality and ease of navigation. I hope you will find this is the case for TheWorldinLight Photographic Gallery. I am not only the photographer for TheWorldinLight, but also the webmaster. I am now very nearly as passionate about providing you with a good experience surfing TheWorldinLight as I am about nature, travel, and photography. I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my prints or products or suggestions for changes or corrections to this website.

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