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Photos of Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada is an interesting travel destination. It is a metropolitan city with many things for the tourist to see. According to Wikipedia, Montreal is also the world's second largest city that speaks primarily French - second only to Paris. The French heritage here seems held dear. The rest of Canada is thoroughly bilingual, but in the province of Quebec - and particularly in Montreal - signs are strictly in French. On television, English speaking channels typically have French subtitles. French speaking channels have no subtitles. It is not uncommon to encounter people that either do not, or will not, speak English. Despite this, Montreal is a pleasant city to visit, with interesting pedestrian zones chock full of outdoor cafes and street artists and performers. Like many large cities, the city is not particularly auto-friendly. Free parking is non-existent. Parking is expensive. However, the city has an efficient subway system that is easily used and useful. This page has photos of Montreal's Notre Dame Basilica, Chinatown, the famous sculpture/fountain known as La Joute, Jardin Botanique, street artists, and one of the interesting Chameleons on display in the Biodome. Larger versions of these photos of Montreal can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or by using the Slideshow below. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.

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photo of the Notre Dame Basilica in Monreal, Canada
Notre Dame Basilica #3048
The Basilica is a popular tourist stop and will cost you to step inside.

photo of the Notre Dame Basilica with horse-drawn 

carriages in Montreal, Canada
Notre Dame Basilica #3052
Outside the Basilica, horse-drawn carriages await the tourists that like to tour the old town without investing the effort.

photo of a reflection in a glass front building of 

the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada
Basilica Reflection #3060
High-rise buildings stand next to the Basilica. This one's glass front reflects the image of the cathedral.

cityscape photo of Montreal's Chinatown
Chinatown #3046
Montreal has a reasonably large and bustling Chinatown with many restaurants and sidewalk markets.

photo of Riopelle's sculpture named La Joute in Montreal, Canada
La Joute #3033
This is the famous sculpture-fountain "La Joute" by the French-Canadian sculptor Jean-Paul Riopelle. It's located in the International Quarter adjacent to the Palais des congres.

photo of a street artist on Place Jacques-Cartier in 

Montreal, Canada
Street Artist #3029
Street artists do a lively business on Place Jacques-Cartier.

photo of street artists in Montreal, Canada
Street Artist #3025
Street artists and musicians abound here, making a living by tips or selling their art.

photo of a street mime in Montreal, Canada
Street Mime #3031
I've seen these street mimes all over the world this year - one as far away as the obscure town of Camana, Peru.

close-up photo of a Lily in Jardin Botanique in Montreal, Canada
Lily #3130
Montreal's Jardin Botanique is as nice and as large a set of gardens as you'll find anywhere.

photo of a Lily in Jardin Botanique in Montreal, Canada
Lily #3131
This Lily was photographed at the Jardin Botanique in Montreal. Entrance to the gardens is priced at $16C, which includes admission to Montreal's Insectorium. Discounted entrance to the Biodome is also available if bought with admission to the gardens.

flower photo from the Jardin Botanique in Montreal
Lily #3128
The Jardin Botanique has many separate themed gardens. They also have the most extensive and oldest collection of Bonsai that I have seen anywhere in the world. One Bonsai Tree in the Chinese Gardens was listed as being 155 years old.

close-up photo of a yellow Lily
Lily #3133
This is a Lily in the very nice Jardin Botanique in Montreal, Canada.

close-up photo of a red Lily in Jardin Botanique in Montreal
Lily #3142
As you might tell, I was impressed with the quality of the Lily Gardens in Jardin Botanique.

close-up flower photo
Flower #3108

close-up photo of a purple flower
Flower #3114
This flower photo was taken at the Jardin Botanique in Montreal, Canada.

photo of a Chameleon in the Biodome of Montreal
Chameleon #3176
This Chameleon was on display in the Biodome of Montreal.

close-up photo of a Chameleon in the Biodome of Montreal
Chameleon #3183
The Montreal Biodome is really just an indoor zoo with aquaria (or aquariums, if you prefer).

photo of a Chameleon
Chameleon #3185
This Chameleon photo was taken at the Montreal Biodome.

photo of a Gecko taken in the Biodome of Montreal
Gecko #3202
I generally prefer to display photos of animals that were taken in their natural habitat, but this Gecko is one of the animals you will see on display at the Biodome of Montreal.

photo of a green Gecko
Gecko #3239
In addition to the small display of these geckos and chameleons, there is a small display of poison dart frogs at the Biodome.

green Gecko photo
Gecko #3240
This Gecko was in Montreal's Biodome.

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