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This is a gallery of abstract photography and abstract digital art. Some of these are unaltered photographs, some are digitally manipulated. Larger version of these abstract photos can be viewed by using a mouse rollover, clicking an image, or using the Slideshow below. I hope you enjoy these abstract photos. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer here: Destinations and Topics.


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photo of a roasted guinea pig served as a dish in Peru
This is a natural, unmodified photograph of a culinary delicacy in Peru, there called Cui, but here in the USA called Guinea Pig.

abstract photo of a seagull
Seagull in Black
This photograph of a seagull has been digitally modified to give it false color and a mild light aura.

digitally painted photo of a hosta bloom
Hosta Abstract
This Hosta blossum has been digitally painted to enhance the blend and sweep of its color.

abstract black and white photo of the golden gate bridge in san francisco
Golden Gate in Moonlight
This Golden Gate Bridge photo was not taken in moonlight, but in daylight and digitally altered to give it the appearance of night and reflected moonlight from the bay.

digitally altered photo of a seagull
Glowing Seagull
This is another digital rendition of the "Seagull in Black".

abstract photo of a bug on his back
Bug On His Back #2573
Help! I've fallen over and can't get upright.
To see macro and close-up photos of insects of all kinds go to my Insects page.

photo of a woman's face focused in a dr0p of water hanging from a faucet
The Drip
This is an unmodified original photograph of a woman's face focused in a drop hanging from a faucet. The woman's unfocused face silhouettes the image in background.

digitally altered photo of a lighthouse on the coast of Maine
Stormy Lighthouse
The Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Maine was photographed in daylight and digitally modified to create this image.

digitally manipulated abstract photo of a lone boat in Islesford Harbor, Maine
A Boat
This photo of a harbor in Maine, with a lone, single boat was altered to enhance the colors of the boat and buoys while suppressing the colors of the sea and shore to exaggerate the natural dull grayness of this slightly foggy scene.

abstract photo of an Orchid in bloom
Orchid #6203b
This is a fully natural black and white image of this orchid in backlight.

digitally painted flower blossum
Abstract Flower #4074
This digital rendition of a flower was digitally painted to create a smoother, softer transition of colors in the bloom.

photo of mannequins in an Amsterdam store window
Amsterdam Still Life
This Amsterdam still life is a mannequin in a store window in Amsterdam, a slight parody of the city's famous red light district where many real women pose much like this.

photo of an imprint left by a bird colliding against a glass door
Bird Against Glass #4880
This is an imprint left by a bird that collided with a glass patio door. Ouch! And this is authentic.

digitally altered abstract photo of streamers behind diving planes
Diving Planes in Color
These diving planes were photographed at the Thunder Over Michigan airshow and then digitally altered to alter the smoke streams in their wake to red, white, and blue.

digitally altered black and white photo of the sphinx and pyramids in Egypt
Steely Sphinx
The Sphinx and surrounding pyramids have existed for millenia in a hot and harshly sunlit environment bordering desert. The presence of the Sphinx exudes the hardness and lifelessness it has. This digital rendition attempts to show the steely bleakness of the Sphinx, but with its hard-edged powerful aura of history and greatness.

photo of a series of stacked cups on display in a store
These cups on display in a shop in Amsterdam were plain but beautiful in their slighly flawed orderliness.

abstract photo of a flower and insect
Flower and Insect B&W
This is a digital rendition of a color photograph of this scene showing insect and flowers with the delicate ribs and veins of the insect's wing's and the flower's petals standing in clear contrast to their background.

abstract photo of a woman on a donkey
Woman on Donkey #9427
A woman was riding a Donkey through the Medina of Marakesh in Morocco.

photo of a broken down carriage in Morocco
Old Carriage
This is a natural unmodified photograph of a broken down carriage on the backstreets of Cairo, Egypt.

photo of an old junkyard car
Car in Twilight
This old Chrysler is a retiree resting comfortably in a junkyard - a car old folks home down in South Carolina and is in the twilight of its car life.

abstract impression of sand dunes in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah
Coral Pink Sand Dunes
This is the sands of Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah. The color is mine.

photo of lanterns for sale in a Moroccan market
Lanterns #9605
Lanterns for sale in a market in Marakesh, Morocco.

false color photo of the texture of the wood of an old tree stump
Tree Stump
The textures and flowing curves of this old tree stump caught my eye.

photo of shoes for sale in a market in Morocco
Shoes #9535
Shoes in a market in Morocco.

shoes in a Moroccan market
Moroccan Shoes #9567
Shoes for sale in a market in Morocco.

spice jars in a Moroccan market
Spice Jars #9930
Spice jars in a market in Morocco.

bowls in a market in Morocco
Bowls #9929
Bowls in market in Morocco.

photo of a cricket's shedded skin
Cricket Skin #6632
This is the skin of a cricket after molting.

photo of a mass of steel junk in a ghost town near Death Valley
Industrial Complex
A mass of steel junk in a ghost town near Death Valley.

photo of a full moon

photo of the Death Valley mule train
Death Valley Train #0558
Altered photo of the Death Valley Mule Train.

photo of a Kayaker
Altered version of a photo of a kayaker.

photo of a full moon
Killing Fields of Cambodia

photo of a cricket's shedded skin
Killing Fields
Some of those murdered by the Khmer Rouge, now behind glass. Done for a flag? A different Cambodian flag and a new generation of children caught in reflection on the glass separating the past and present, the dead and alive.

photo of a mass of steel junk in a ghost town near Death Valley
Ghost Town
A building in a ghost town in Utah.

drawing of a target with cancer as the bullseye
Art expressing some feelings during cancer treatment.

a collage of stained glass photos creating 

a cross
Yellowstone River
This is the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park processed with infrared simulation.

a collage of stained glass photos creating 

a cross
Stained Glass Cross
This is a collage of photos of stained glass in cathedrals of France.

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