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Iquitos, Peru is a large jungle town on the Amazon River. It is only accessible either by river or air - no roads lead to or from the city to other parts of Peru or South America. Iquitos is an excellent place to start a jungle adventure or to travel down the Amazon River. Some of these are "soft adventures" designed for the average tourist to travel comfortably while still allowing people to see the river and jungle and to visit river villages where villagers show the tourists their homes and village.

These photos were taken during a trip to Iquitos and a subsequent riverboat trip down the Amazon River in 1998. The riverboat trip concluded at Letticia, Columbia. Across the Amazon from Letticia is the village of Tabatinga, Brazil. Larger versions of these photos of Iquitos, Peru and the Amazon River basin can be viewed by using a mouse rollover, clicking an image, or using the Slideshow below. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer here: Destinations and Topics.


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photo of Iquitos, Peru
Although Iquitos, Peru is not an attractive city, it is a gateway to the Peruvian Amazon.

Iquitos, Peru

photo of a boat on the Amazon River in Peru
Iquitos Market

photo of the riverfront in Iquitos, Peru
Iquitos Waterfront

floating homes in the Amazon River of Peru

photo of a boat on the Amazon River in Peru
Boat on Amazon River

the medicine market in Iquitos, Peru
Iquitos Medicine Market
In the medicine market it was possible to buy roots, barks, dried reptiles, and botannical extracts for curing any ailment. They also sole huayusca, an halucinogen used by the indigenous indians for spiritualism.

a Peruvian village in the Amazon of Peru
Village Waterfront

an Amazon River town in Peru
Amazon Town #8-27

photo of woman selling goods on the Amazon River in Peru
Woman on Amazon River
When we passed villages on the Amazon River, often women would come out to our boat trying to sell trinkets.

a tree in the Amazon jungle of Peru
A Tree in the Amazon Jungle
Some of the trees in the jungle were enormous.

a photo of a home on stilts in the Amazon of Peru
Amazon Home

houses in an Amazon River town in Peru
Amazon River Town Houses #9-19

houses in an Amazon river town of Peru
Village Houses #9-18

houses in an Amazon River town in Peru
Dancers #8-22
Some villages put on a show when visitors arrive. Here, there was an Indian dance.

photo of a kitchen
Kitchen in a Jungle Home #9-16
This home had two rooms. One was the room where they slept. In the other was a kitchen, where they would prepare a fire (on the right of the photo) to cook their food.

an outside table in a jungle home in Peru
Table Outside Home #9-15
Often, the people in the villages would bring us into their homes to let us see how they live.

children in an Amazon river town of Peru
Children at Home #9-12

photo of a girld with a monkey
Girl With a Monkey #9-9
It wasn't unusual to see children in the jungle villages with pet monkeys.

village scene in a jungle town in Peru
Village Scene #9-7

village scene in an Amazon river town of Peru
Village Scene #9-5

photo of thatch roofing material
Thatched Roof Material #9-4

an Amazon River village in Peru
Amazon River Village #9-28

children at a village
Children #8-28
At all the villages, the children would come out to meet us.

market in Letticia, Colombia
Market in Letticia, Colombia #9-29
This Amazon Boatride ended at the border of Colombia and Peru. On one side of the river there was Letticia, Colombia. On the other, Tabatinga, Brazil

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