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Beautiful Amsterdam - the city of canals! It's easy to find oneself envying the Dutch people. They live comfortable lives with a high standard of living in a clean, peaceful, quiet country. The cities are modern and the countryside still retains a traditional look and feel. Amsterdam is probably the most visited city in The Netherlands. And it is an easy place to visit for anyone that speaks English, as most people that live here do as well. In addition to its beautiful canals and architecture, the city has many excellent museums to visit, including the world class Rijksmuseum - a must see. There is also the Van Gogh museum, dedicated to the work of the favorite son of The Netherlands. The Anne Frank House is also here. This page has photos of Amsterdam canals, windmills, the Magere Bridge, Rembrandt Square and other street scenes. The Netherlands make an excellent vacation destination! Larger version of these Amsterdam photos can be viewed by using a mouse rollover, clicking an image, or using the Slideshow below. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer here: Destinations and Topics.


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photo of the Amstel River in Amsterdam
Amstel River #3096
This is a photo of the Amstel River as it flows through Amsterdam. This river's name is probably more famous as a beer, and not a bad Dutch beer at that.

night time photo of an Amsterdam canal
Amsterdam at Night
Amsterdam is a great city! Easy to explore by foot, but also with an excellent mass transit system. And then, there are the Amsterdam canals for interesting touring.

flowers in Amsterdam
Flower Market
The people of the Netherlands, famous for their tulips, enjoy their flowers of all types.

nightscape photo of an Amsterdam canal
Canals at Night #3033
The Amsterdam canals form semi-circular arcs at ever greater distances from the city center, with other canals forming spokes outward from the center.

photo of a windmil in Ouderkirk aan de Amstel in the Netherlands
Windmill #3084
This windmill was photographed just south of Amsterdam in the little village of Ouderkirk aan de Amstel.

a photo of Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam
Rembrandt Square
The Dutch certainly celebrate their many artistic heroes, and this square is named after one of them - Rembrandt, who lived in one of the three story homes in Amsterdam, was famous while still alive, yet died entirely bankrupt in 1659.

a nightscape photo of The Dam in Amsterdam
The Dam at Night
The trains run frequently and efficiently in Amsterdam, even at night - as shown in this photograph taken in the area known as The Dam, site of a dam that was built across the Amstel river in the 13th century.

a nightscape photo of the Magere Bridge in Amsterdam
Magere Bridge
Magere Bridge at night is illuminated by hundreds of lights. Also known as the Skinny Bridge, it's a double drawbridge made in the 1700's with a special type of wood from Africa known as Azobe.

a decorative stone over a doorway in Amsterdam
Decorative Stone
Many of the homes and shops that line the canals of Amsterdam have these wonderful decorative tiles embedded in the brickwork above the doorways.

photo of a street/canal corner in Amsterdam
Amsterdam #8580
This is a photo of street (or canal) corner in Amsterdam.

downtown Amsterdam
Downtown Amsterdam
Amsterdam is a great city! Easy to explore by foot, but also with an excellent mass transit system.

buildings in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Buildings
This is an example of typical Amsterdam architecture.

photo of a street scene in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Street Scene #8430
Amsterdam is a vibrant city with street shows on many corners.

photo of a tunnel of canal bridges in Amsterdam
Canal Bridges
Amsterdam is a great city! Easy to explore by foot, but also by tour boat on the canals.

photo of cheese in a shop window in Amsterdam
Photo of cheese in a shop in Amsterdam.

photo of delft ware in a shop in Amsterdam
The Netherlands is famous for Delftware. Some shops have antique Delftware, which is very, very expensive and valuable.

photo of a Van Gogh self-portrait in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam
Van Gogh Self Portrait
A trip to Amsterdam would hardly be complete without a visit to the Van Gogh Museum.

photo of a wall plaque in an Amsterdam house wall
Wall Plaque #8536
The exterior of the finer homes in Amsterdam are often marked by individualistic wall plaques.

photo of a wall plaque in an Amsterdam house wall
Wall Plaque #8542
It is said that there are more bicycles per capita in Amsterdam than anywhere else on earth. It is a major mode of transportation.

photo of a wall plaque in an Amsterdam house wall
Wall Plaque #8543
Some of the wall plaques are cute.

photo of a wall plaque in an Amsterdam house wall
Wall Plaque #8536
What you might've read about Amsterdam coffee shops is true. That type of "coffeeshop" even offers a menu with a wide selection for the customer.

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