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Photos of the Angkor Wat Temples of Cambodia

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Angkor Wat is more than the single famous temple of that name. It is actually a complex of approximately 100 temples that occupy about 150 square miles near Siem Reap, Cambodia. These temples were built by the Hindu people of this region between the 9th and 13th century. These temples are famous for the beautifully carved stone bas reliefs with which they are covered. The main temple of Angkor Wat has been continuously used and occupied since its construction in the 12th century. Many of the other temples of the Angkor complex were long-abandoned when re-discovered in the 19th century. Many of these stone temples are still encased in the roots of trees which overgrew them long ago. Larger version of these photos of the temples of Angkor can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or using the Slideshow below. These photos were taken with a Minolta X-700 film camera. The film, unfortunately, was processed in Cambodia and essentially ruined. The decision to process there was made to avoid many passes through airport x-ray machines during an extended multi-country trip. It's these ruined negatives that have been scanned and restored from the dead with Photoshop to provide you with some idea of what the temples of Angkor look like.

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photo of the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia
Steps of Angkor Wat
The steps at Angkor Wat are steep enough to be a bit intimidating.

bas relief of the heaven and hell scene at the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia
Angkor Wat Heaven and Hell
There is a bas-relief stone mural at Angkor Wat that extends for perhaps a hundred meters with many themes. This portion of the mural shows an interpretation of heaven and hell.

photo of an apsara at Angkor Wat near Siem Reap, Cambodia
Angkor Wat Apsara
The Apsara is a Hindu spiritual woman of beauty - sometimes nymph-like, sometimes like a siren. They are recurrent images on the walls of temples throughout the Angkor complex.

photo of the Banteay Samre temple, part of the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia
Banteay Samre #3-20
Banteay Samre was built in the early 1100's AD. It is one of about 100 Hindu temples in the Angkor complex of Cambodia.

photo of Banteay Samre in Cambodia
Banteay Srei #3-15
Banteay Srei is famous for the intricacy and detail of its stone carvings. This photo is a detail of one example of the carvings over a doorway.

photo of the magnificent Banteay Samre stone temple in Cambodia
Banteay Srei #3-16
This photo shows the detailed carvings in the stone walls of Banteay Srei.

photo of one of the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia
Banteay Srei #3-17

Banteay Samre in Cambodia
Banteay Srei #3-18
The temple of Banteay Srei.

photo of an ancient temple in Cambodia
A Temple In Angkor #3-3

photo of an ancient temple in Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Temple in Angkor #3-4

photo of a doorway detail at one of the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia
Angkor Doorway #3-8

photo of a stairway entrance to a temple in Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Angkor Temple #4-23

photo of an Angkor temple entrance
Angkor Temple Entrance #4-25

photo of a details in a stone carving at an Angkor Wat temple
Angkor Stone Carving #4-26

an Angkor temple in Cambodia
Angkor Temple #4-29

photo of the multitude of doorways inside one Angkor temple in Cambodia
Angkor Temple #4-30

photo of an ancient stone temple in Cambodia
Angkor Temple #4-35

photo showing the complexity of carvings in one temple wall in Cambodia
Wall Detail in Angkor #2-18

photo of a large face carved in stone at Bayon temple in Cambodia
Bayon Face
The temple of Bayon in Angkor has over 200 large carved faces like these - many over twenty feet tall.

stone faces of Bayon temple
Bayon #2-31
The Bayon temple was constructed in the late 1100's and early 1200's.

photo of the south entrance to Bayon Temple in Cambodia
South Gate of Bayon

photo of a long row of figures at the entrance to Bayon temple in Cambodia
Bayon Entrance

photo of the entrance to Preah Khan temple in Cambodia
Preah Khan Entrance

photo of the Preah Khan temple in Cambodia
Preah Khan
Portions of many of the Angkor temples lie in ruins. It's amazing, however, that these temples survived the civil war during the rise, reign, and fall of the Khmer Rouge.

photo of the north entrance to the Preah Khan temple
Preah Khan North Entrance
The eerie mist of Roraima.

photo of Angkor Wat's Preah Khan temple in Cambodia
Preah Khan #4
The temples of Preah Khan and Ta Prohm are somewhat similar in their appearance and state of restoration - each with overgrown trees and roots growing up, on, and through the stonework.

another view of Preah Khan
Preah Khan #7
All of the temples of Angkor are amazing places to visit. But sadly, most of the heads of the statues have been stolen by thieves throughout the centuries.

photo of the Ta Prohm ruins overgrown by tree roots
Ta Prohm #4-10

photo of the interior of Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia
Ta Prohm #4-16

photo of a detail inside the Ta Prohm Temple
Ta Prohm #4-27

photo of overgrowth inside the Ta Prohm Temple in Angkor Wat
Ta Prohm #4-6
Part of the appeal of Ta Prohm from a visual standpoint is the jungle overgrowth that still exists throughout much of the temple.

photo of the Ta Prohm Temple
Ta Prohm #2-8

photo of Ta Prohm
Ta Prohm #2-11001

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