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In the shifting sands outside of Page, Arizona lies a red sandstone plateau with a jagged vertical opening only several meters wide. That opening becomes the beautiful slot canyon known as Antelope Canyon. It is one of the most photogenic slot canyons in the world. The smooth swept walls of striated sandstone catches sunlight from above and reflects it again and again until it reaches the bottom of the canyon where only a red glow remains for the eye to see. These are photos of Antelope Canyon, just outside of Page, Arizona. These pictures were taken when I still used film. Exposures used for these photos, using ASA100 film, ranged from about 30 seconds to more than a minute. Antelope Canyon lies on land owned by the Navajo Nation and tours are allowed by escort only. Larger versions of these photos of Antelope Canyon can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or using the Slideshow below. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer here: Destinations and Topics.

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a photo of Antelope Canyon outside of Page, Arizona
Antelope Canyon #2

photo of the spectacular slot canyon called Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon #2-1

the orange sandstone of Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon #9

photo of Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon in Arizona
Antelope Canyon #9-2

photo of Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon #25

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