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Larger versions of these photos of people and landscapes of Asia can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or using the Slideshow below. My photographs of Asia include landscape and people pictures from Nepal, Cambodia, and Thailand. I have photos of people from Nepal and Thailand as well as landscape photos from Nepal and a photograph from the Killing Fields of Cambodia and photos of the temples of Angkor Wat. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer here: Destinations and Topics.

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photo of an old leathery face in nepal
Weathered Face
This man was photographed near the village of Langtang during a Nepal trek to the Langshisha glacier. See more photos at the Nepal Page.

photo of a snakecharmer in kathmandu
Snakecharmer #1
This is one of the snakecharmers near the Pasupathinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

photo of a stone face at bayon temple in Cambodia
Bayon Face
This is one of the multitude of large stone faces carved in stone at the Bayon Temple, part of the Angor Wat complex near Siem Reap, Cambodia. See more photos at the Angkor Temples Page.

This scenic picture in Nepal was photographed 

during the trek to Langtang.
Hayloft and Mountains
This is a hayloft overlooking the beautiful Himalaya Mountains of Nepal.

This photo of a yak was taken near 

Kyagin Gompa, beyond Langtang, during a Nepal trek high in the Himalaya Mountains near the Langshisha 

Yak in Himalayas
This yak was photographed near Kyangin Gompa at about 5,000 meters elevation in the Himalaya Mountains during a Nepal trek.

This Buddhist prayer wall is 

located high in the Himalaya Mountains near Langtang, Nepal.
Nepalese Prayer Wall
This is a Buddhist prayer wall in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal. The Buddhist in this part of Nepal create these walls of stones - some perhaps a hundred meters long - with each stone individually carved with prayers.

holy man near the pasupathinath temple of katmandu
Holy Man
In Kathmandu, Nepal the dead are cremated outside the Pasupathinath Temple and their remains brushed into the Bagmati River. Near the Pasupathinath Temple, holy men and snake charmers greet passersby.

photo of children in langtang, nepal
Children in Langtang
This is a picture of happy children from the village of Langtang, Nepal - high in the Himalaya Mountains where I visited during a Nepal trek.

photo of a long necked woman of tha ton, thailand
Long Neck Woman
The village of Tha Ton, along the border of Thailand and Myanmar, is home to the "Long Necked Women". They are part of the Karen Tribe of people that also live in Myanmar to the north. From the time the girls in this tribe are very young, they begin wearing brass rings around their necks. More rings are added as the girls grow, causing the collar bone to be suppressed. It is this that gives these women the illusion of having long necks.

photo of the village of Syabru, Nepal is 

located on a mountain ridge high in the Himalaya Mountains.
Syabru, Nepal
Syabru, Nepal is a beautiful little village that spreads along a ridgetop in the Himalaya Mountains. This village is a stopping over point during the Langtang Nepal trek.

photo of the killing fields of cambodia
Killing Fields
This picture is from the Killing Fields of Cambodia. The skulls are contained in a shrine behind glass. The reflections of the children and the Cambodian flag, reflected in that glass, are real. See more photos at the Cambodia Page.

The village of Syabru, Nepal is 

located on a mountain ridge high in the Himalaya Mountains.
Village and Mountains
Villages in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal typically stretch along a ridge of mountaintops. Many of these are entirely isolated and can be reached only by foot. Beautiful Syabru can be visited during the Langtang Nepal trek.

photo of buddha in wat pho temple in thailand
Buddha and Flowers
This is the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok.
photo of Phu Luang Tai village in Laos
Phu Luang Tai
This is the village of Phu Luang Tai in the mountains of Laos. See more photos at the Laos Page.

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