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Photos of Bois Blanc (Bob-Lo) Island

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Bois Blanc Island is commonly known as Bob-lo by the island's residents and is the largest of the three islands in the Mackinac straits. The island is 12 miles long and 6 miles wide. Archeological evidence indicates the island was first inhabited as early as 60 AD. However most relics indicate early inhabitation dating between 800 and 1400 AD. Bois Blanc island, as well as lands in Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan was ceded to the US in 1795 by a treaty with Chippewa Indian Chief Matchekewis. The US first opened the island to settlers in 1884.

The island is mostly undeveloped, heavily forested, and marshy. The island's name "Bois Blanc" means white wood in French. Although the island is heavily forested with birch trees, the name refers to the island's Basswood Trees, which is white under the bark and was prized for its use in making rope. The island is also heavily forested in sugar maple trees, which were tapped and used for maple syrup production for many years and only halted in recent years due to overly stringent Michigan laws. Until 1950, the island was logged for lumber to support the development of Mackinac Island. This forested island is a haven for wildlife including deer, wild turkey, eagles, loons, vulchers, Sand Hill Cranes, Hummingbirds and a variety of other lesser known species of mammals and birds. The island also has many species of wildflowers, some of which are shown on this page.

Long time island resident Michael J. White Sr. has published a comprehensive book on Wildflower Photo Field Guide, Straits of Mackinac Region, Northern Michigan . Other local island talent includes singer/songwriter Dan Reynolds. His CD entitled "This Ain't The Mainland" was released in 2010 and he now has another soon to be ready. Follow Dan's music and performances at Dan Reynolds.

Commercial access to the island is available via ferry from Cheboygan, MI. Contact Plaunt Transportation for ferry schedules.

Larger versions of these photos of Bois Blanc Island in Michigan can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or by using the Slideshow below. I hope you enjoy my photos of Bois Blanc Island.

Point to any image for an enlargement Use the arrow keys to center enlargements
photo of reflections in a marsh on Bois Blanc Island
Marsh Reflections
This beautiful marsh was in an isolated area of Bois Blanc Island, south of the Bois Blanc Lighthouse.

photo of our four wheeler going thru deep water 

on Bois Blanc Island
Four Wheeling
In May, when this photo was taken, the four-wheel drive tracks can be underwater in many places.

photo of a cabin on the north shore of Bois Blanc Island
Cabin #1234
This is a cabin on the north shore of Bois Blanc Island.

photo of me and a ruffed grouse near a marsh on Boise Blanc Island
Me and a Ruffed Grouse
While photographing the marsh shown above, this Ruffed Grouse came out of the woods, walked right up to me and proceeded to follow me around for about 15 minutes. Quite amazing! It even hopped into our four wheeler as we were about to leave.

photo of a wild Ruffed Grouse that befriended me on Bois Blanc Island
Ruffed Grouse
At times, this Ruffed Grouse was so close to me, I coudn't even take its picture.

photo of a white-tailed deer on Bois Blanc Island
White-Tailed Deer #1410
Bois Blanc Isand is full of wildlife, including Golden Eagles, Wild Turkeys, Sand Hill Cranes, beaver, White-Tailed Deer, Loons and on and on. It is truly a nature paradise. See other Mammal Photos here.

photo of a Sandhill Crane on Bois Blanc Island
Sandhill Crane #1410
We discovered this Sandhill Crane in some lowland on Bois Blanc Island. See more photos of Birds here.

photo of a bat on Bois Blanc Island
Daytime Bat
We discovered this bat flying around our four wheeler in the afternoon.

photo of a garter snake in the forest on Bois Blanc Island
Big Rock #1384
Bois Blanc Island is heavily forested. We found this docile Garter snake there.

photo of the Bois Blanc Lighthouse
Bois Blanc Lighthouse #1309

photo of the Bois Blanc Lighthouse plaque
Bois Blanc Lighthouse Plaque
This photo of the Bois Blanc Lighthouse plaque shows some of the history of the lighthouse.

photo of the Bois Blanc north shore in mist
North Shore in Mist #1377
This is a photo of Bois Blanc Island's north shore in mist.

photo of Dutchman's Breeches, a wildflower on Bois Blanc Island
Dutchman's Breeches #1303
In May, Bois Blanc Island erupts in wildflowers. This is a photo of Dutchman's Breeches. See more photos of Wildflowers here.

photo of a trillium in bloom on Bois Blanc Island
Trillium #1416
This is a photo of a Large-Flowered Trillium in bloom on Bois Blanc Island.

photo of a wild iris in bloom on Bois Blanc Island
Dwarf Lake Iris #1436
This is a photo of Dwarf Lake Irises in bloom on Bois Blanc Island.

photo of a Bearberry wildflower on Bois Blanc Island
This is a photo of a Bearberry wildlflower on Bois Blanc Island.

photo of a jack-in-the-pulpit on Bois Blanc Island
Bois Blanc Island is full of beautiful wildflowers throughout the sping. This is a Jack-in-the-Pulpit.

photo of wild strawberries on Bois Blanc Island

In May, Bois Blanc Island erupts in wildflowers, including wild strawberries like these.

photo of a Bearberry wildflower on Bois Blanc Island
This is a photo of the orchid-like wildflower known as Polygala, found on Bois Blanc Island.

photo of a Trout Lily wildflower on Bois Blanc Island
Trout Lily
This is the wildflower known as a Trout Lily.

photo of wild strawberries on Bois Blanc Island
Rough-Edged Hepatica
These are a wildflower known as Rough-Edged Hepatica.

photo of the north shore of Bois Blanc Island
Bois Blanc North Shore #1314
This is a photo of the north shore of Bois Blanc Island.

photo of a wild iris in bloom on Bois Blanc Island
Mergansers #1393
The shores of Bois Blanc Island is full of birds, these Mergansers were a common sight.

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