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Photos of the Bone Wash Trail in Utah

The Bonewash Trail is just north of Washington, Utah. It is accessed via the Mill Creek Trailhead. The route to that trailhead is very rough and requires a high clearance vehicle. 4WD in not necessary, but helpful. The most notable feature of this interesting trail is the erosion patterns in the rock walls along the edge of the wash and in the little side canyon drainages on either side of the wash. These comples erosion patterns consist of honeycomb-like recesses created in the walls with overlying patterns of residual stone, sometimes with the look of stalactites or stalagmites. This hike is not particularly strenuous, however there is a lot of walking through sand, which adds to the difficulty. About 1.1 miles into the Bone Wash Trail, a 0.4 mile long spur trail leads to Elephant Arch. This page has photos of the Bonewash Trail, some wildflowers along the way seen in spring, and Elephant Arch.

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