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Cabanaconde, Peru is a little farming village on the lip of the Colca Canyon, possibly the deepest canyon in the world. This canyon is considerably deeper than the Grand Canyon in the United States, but controversy exists as to whether it is deeper than the Cotahuasi Canyon, also in Peru. The Colca Canyon is a popular destination for trekkers who come here to take an adventurous and challenging hike deep into the canyon to isolated pueblos that are widely separated on the canyon walls below.

Cabanaconde itself has little to offer the tourist. However, it is an interesting place to visit for those interested in learning about or observing the lifestyle of these hard-working people of Quechuan heritage. The people here are poor, but also very friendly. I spent two days here in February of 2009 and was greeted by the vast majority of passesby and many people stopped to engage me in conversation.

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rustic street scene in cabanaconde, peru
Cabanaconde at street level
Cabanaconde is a Peruvian village that rests on the lip of the Colca Canyon - the world's second deepest canyon.

terracing and mountains around Cabanaconde.
Mountains and hillside #0656
To reach Cabanaconde from Arequipa, you'll cross a 4800 meter pass where snow is not uncommon in summer. You'll pass through the town of Chivay and a number of villages - Maca, Yanque, Achoma, and Pinchollo to name a few. Arequipa to Cabanaconde is 15 soles and four hours one-way.

some of the green fields surrounding Cabanaconde, Peru.
Green Fields #0629
Incan terracing is seen virtually everywhere - from the steepest of mountainsides to even relatively level ground as seen here.

photo of a donkey in Cabanaconde, Peru
Donkey in Cabanaconde, Peru
Even this donkey knew I was an outsider.

a photo overlooking the rooftops of Cabanaconde, Peru.
Rooftop view of Cabanaconde, Peru
The people of Cabanaconde are very friendly. I was greeted by nearly everyone as I walked the village 'streets'.

photo of two cute little girls in Cabanaconde, Peru
Two girls
These two cute girls - 4 and 5 years old, respectively - spent their days playing in the Plaza de Armas of Cabanaconde, Peru.

some of the green fields of Peru
Green Fields
The topography of the terrain surrounding and below Cabanaconde undulates sharply up and down. It's possible to look up to beautiful mountainsides or down upon these beautiful green fields.

Typical scene in Cabanaconde.
Typical scene in Cabanaconde
A typical scene in Cabanaconde is the occasional donkey feeding in the street. Or sheep being herded toward the nearby hillsides to graze.

a girl playing alone in the Plaza of Cabanaconde, Peru
A girl alone
An empty plastic jello cup, a pothole for castle sand and a world of time during the summer break from 'la escuela'.....

photo of a happy girl playing in cabanaconde
The richest girl in town
This little girl proudy - gleefully even - rode her tricycle back and forth on one cuadra of La Plaza de Armas in Cabanaconde. She referred to her pink transportation as 'el carro' - perhaps in her mind, a Pink Cadillac.

Terraced fields around Cabanaconde, Peru.
Terraced fields around Cabanaconde, Peru.
Cabanaconde and the neighboring villages and Colca Canyon are within the boundaries of the Reserva Nacional Salinas y Aguada Blanca. As of early 2009, the reserve will cost you S/35.00 to enter.

terracing and mountains around Cabanaconde.
Mountains and hillside #0658
At S/3.50 for lunch and S/4.00 for dinner and an exchange rate of S/3.15 soles per dollar, this village's wealth is here in these prolifically productive green fields.

incan terraces and mountains around Cabanaconde.
Mountains and hillside #0659
Cabanaconde resides at 3290 meters elevation. But it is from here that treks down into the Colca Canyon begin - taking hardy (and hearty) souls a thousand meters lower to semi-tropical climes.

Cabanaconde - land of the condor.
Land of the condor
Here, the Condor is revered. A short, twenty-minute bus ride will take you to Cruz del Condor, where these majestic creatures will swoop closely by the human gazers perched on a beautiful point just above their nests on cliffsides below.

Me with the kids of Cabanaconde.
Me with the kids of Cabanaconde
I gathered 30-some 'los ninos pobres' from the village and distributed toys, notebooks, and pens and pencils.

More happy kids of Cabanaconde
More happy kids of Cabanaconde
This village, perhaps like poor villages everywhere, are full of the young and old. Teens have fled to other larger towns and cities.

Stark Cabanaconde, Peru/>
Stark Cabanaconde, Peru
A hardscrabble place. Live, eat, mate and die! That ain't all bad.

Street scene in Cabanaconde, Peru.
Street scene in Cabanaconde, Peru.
Cabanaconde is all stone, mud, and hard working people.

It may be hard for a car aficionado or auto Parts Geek to believe that the best way to get around a town like Cabanaconde is to walk or ride a donkey. People in our society are so dependent on cars for transportation it is difficult to find someone who is not a parts geek or who at least loves driving their own car.

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