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Pocitelj, Bosnia-Herzogovina

The photos of castles on this page were taken during five separate month-long trips through Greece, France (twice), Spain, and Croatia, in each of the years from 2010 through 2014. The photos of German castles were taken in 2003. A broader perspective on the things I found photographically interesting and/or photogenic can be seen on the following websites: Greece,   France,  Spain, and Croatia. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics. See some of the castle pictures on this page using the Castles Slideshow below. More photos of these castles can be seen on the web pages dedicated to pictures of each castle.


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photo of the Chateau d'Aguilar in Aguilar, 
Chateau d'Aguilar #9595
Aguilar Castle is one of the "Five Sons of Carcassonne". Near Tuchon, France, this ruined castle dates back to at least 1021. .

photo of the Carcassonne Castle gate
Carcassonne Castle Gate #6647
Approaching Carcassonne, France, the view of this restored castle on its hilltop overlooking the modern city is quite simply stunning. It is truly a beautiful castle. Teeming with tourists busy at souvenir shops and restaurants by day, at night it becomes a more serene experience with the aura of a long distant past.

photo of the gate to 

Koenigsberg Castle in France.
Koenigsbourg Castle Carved Wall #5387
Just east of Selestat, France lies another beautiful, restored castle. Koenigsbourg Castle deserves several hours for a tour. Not quite as stunning exterior as Carcassonne, the interior is full of medieval furnishing and arms making it something of a museum worth seeing.

photo of the castles of Lastours, France
The Castles of Lastours, France #8483
In a truly beautiful setting lie four ruined castle in the mountains overlooking Lastours, France. The castles: Tour Regine, Cabaret, Quertinheux, and Surdespine are now in ruins, but a walk through these spark the imagination of what life must have been like during medieval days and nights.

Photo of the Chateau Queribus in 
Queribus, France
Chateau Queribus #9713
Just outside of Cucugnan, France on a seemingly imprgegnable crag of rock lies the Chateau Queribus. The castle has been extensively restored, but much still lies in ruins. A narrow road leading to the top of the mountain makes this castle easy to reach and is well worth a couple of hours of fun exploration.

photo of the Quillan Castle
Quillan Castle #8986
The castle above the town of Quillan, France lies in ruins. It is the least visually appealing or interesting castle I've seen in France. The townitself, however, is pleasant and has a nice old stone church.

photo of the St. Ulrich Castle near 
Ribeauville, France
St. Ulrich Castle #5491
In the scenically beautiful rolling hills above Ribeauville, France lies the ruins of three castles. Hiking trails lead to each and they're well worth the hike. This is St. Ulrich Castle.

photo of the Giersburg Castle near 
Ribeauville, France
Giersburg Castle #5557
This is the ruined Giersburg Castle in the hills near Ribeauville, France.

photo of bedrock under the walls of 
Saissac Castle
Saissac Castle #7639
Saissac Castle, is near the lovely town of Saissac, France in the southern portion of the country roughly 27 km northwest of Carcassonne.

photo of a street in Termes, France
Termes Castle Gate #9242
These are some of the ruined walls of the Termes Castle in Termes, France.

photo of the castle in 
Villerouge-Termenes, France
Villerouge-Termenes Castle #8086
This is a full-side view of the Villerouge-Termenes castle in the French town of Villerouge-Termenes. This attractive little village lies 50 km due east of Limoux, France.

photo of Cazorla, Spain and the La Yedra 
Cazorla Castle #9238
The Moorish castle of Cazorla, Spain is known as La Yedra. It's perched on a hilltop above Cazorla, one of Spains white villages - los pueblos blancos.

photo of the Alhumbra in Granada, Spain
Granada Alhumbra #9622
The Alhumbra in Granada, Spain was originally built as a Moorish fortress in the 9th century and rebuilt into its present form in the 11th century. It was converted to a Muslim palace in the 14th century. Christians reconquered Granada in 1492, the same year that Columbus landed in North America.

photo of the Jerez Alcazar
Jerez Alcazar #0262
The Alcazar of Jerez, Spain was originally built as a Moorish fortress in the 12th century. It is now a park in this large city of Spain.

photo of the view of an Olvera church 

from Olvera Castle
Olvera Castle and Church #9699
The very attractive Moorish castle in Olvera, Spain was built in the early 13th century. It's situated on a rock above the beautiful city, providing terrific views of the church, city and surrounding countryside. It's well worth a visit.

photo of the Castillo de Estrella in 
Teba, Spain
Castillo de Estrella #9658
The village of Teba, Spain has an ancient castle known as the Castillo de Estrella, or Castle of the Stars. It is the site of a famous battle in 1330 in which Scottish warriors joined with those of Spain to seige the castle and remove the Moors. The town itself has very little else worth seeing, but the surrounding countryside is very scenic.

photo of Toledo, Spain's 
medieval wall
Toledo City Wall #1215
Toledo, Spain is an ancient city that still has medieval walls of fortification, making its perimeter look very castle-like. This is a photo of a section of those walls. Inside the walls, there is also a Moorish fortress known as the Alcazar.

photo of the entrance to the old city of Rhodes in Greece
Rhodes Old Town #8821
A castle? More correctly, perhaps, Rhodes is an ancient fortified city. The medieval wall around the city is 4 km long. It is absolutely stunning visually and a sheer pleasure to visit. And it has been famous throughout the ages, being home to the Colossus, one of the original seven wonders of the world.
photo of the massive defensive walls 

around the old city of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik City Walls #7429
Dubrovnik is another entire city that is built like a castle. The tall defensive walls around it are massive and impressive.

photo of the Francopan Castle in Krk, Croatia
Krk Francopan Castle #6909
The Frankopan Castle in Krk, Croatia was built in parts over several hundred years. The square tower was built in 1191 and the round tower was built last in the 1400's. The sea-facing part between the two was built in the 13th and 14th centuries.

defensive wall and tower of Ston, Croatia
Ston Defensive Wall #7396
Although perhaps not technically a castle, the town of Ston, Croatia was built as a fortress. The town itself is enclosed in a medieval defensive wall that is nearly a kilometer long. Outside the town, there is another defensive wall that is 5 km long.

photo of the castle in Svetvincenat, 
Svetvincenat Castle #6733
The Grimani Castle is named for the man that bought and renovated it in the 1500's. The castle is located in the Istrian town of Svetvincenat, Croatia. There isn't much to see here and the castle isn't very interesting either.

photo of the kamerlingo fortress
Kamerlingo Fortress #7144
This is the Kamerling Fortress in the interesting city of Trogir, Croatia. I found this to be one of Croatia's most interesting cities to visit.

photo of the Pocitelj Castle in 
Citadel Pocitelj #7567
This castle in Pocitelj, Bosnia-Herzogovina is said to have been built in the 1300's. Constructed high on a hillside above the scenic town, this castle is located in a position to offer spectacular views of the Naretva River and valley.

photo of the Furstenburg Castle 
along the River Rhine
Furstenberg Castle #0021

photo of the Heidelberg Castle in 
Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg Castle #0077

photo of the Katz Castle on the
Rhine River
Katz Castle #0031

photo of the Pfalzgrafenstein Toll 
Station along the River Rhine
Pfalzgrafenstein Toll Station #0026

photo of the Schonberg Castle in 
Heidelberg, Germany
Schonburg Castle #0027

photo of the Stahleck Castle on the
Rhine River
Stahleck Castle #0031

photo of Caerlaverock Castle in Scotland
Caerlaverock Castle #4265
Caerlaverock Castle was built in the 1300s in the southern Scottish Borders.

photo of Dunnottar Castle in Scotland
Dunnottar Castle #5457
Dunnottar Castle is on a rocky crag surrounded on three sides by the North Sea.

photo of the Hermitage Castle in Scotland
Hermitage Castle #4171
Hermitage Castle is located in southern Scotland.

photo of Dunvegan Castle in Scotland
Dunvegan Castle #5147
Dunvegan Castle is on the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands.

photo of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland
Edinburgh Castle #5674
Edinburgh Castle is home to the Honours of Scotland - the Scottish crown jewels.

photo of the Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland
Eilean Donan Castle #4932
Eilean Donan Castle is located in stunningly scenic area in the Scottish Highlands near the Isle of Skye.

photo of Kilchurn Castle in Scotland
Kilchurn Castle #5147
Kilchurn Castle is located about 40 miles east of Oban in the Scottish Highlands.

photo of Smailholm Tower in Scotland
Smailholm Tower #4114
Smailholm Tower is a four-story tall tower house in the Scottish Borders. It inspired Sir Walter Scott who visited here as a youth.

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