Photos of Chateau de Queribus
Near Cucugnan, France

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Just outside the town of Cucugnan in southern France, overlooking a beautiful countryside, are the ancient ruins of the Chateau de Queribus. The first historic mention of this castle dates to the first decades after 1000 AD. It's often mentioned as being the last stronghold of a few remaining Cathars from the Albigensian Crusades. It is now one of the so-called "Five Sons of Carcassonne". It resides on a high, steep crag of rock atop a mountain, virtually impregnable to attackers of its era. It has undergone extensive renovation, but is still a castle in ruins. A place well worth a visit by anyone that loves old ruined castles. See a compilation of European castle photos here. Everything TheWorldinLight has to offer can be seen at Destinations and Topics.