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The town of Chivay, Peru can be considered as the gateway to the Colca Canyon region of Peru. It's a major stop for tourists making the four hour trip from Arequipa, Peru to the Colca Canyon. It's also the major market town for handcrafts in this part of Peru, so tourists can shop here for locally made goods that make excellent souvenirs of trips to Peru and the Colca Canyon. Chivay also has natural hotsprings which are piped to what is essentially a large swimming pool, so not natural looking. They are, however, very popular with tourists and locals alike. They make a welcome stop after a physically demanding trek down into the canyon that begins from Cabanaconde, Peru another 45 minutes by car or bus from Chivay. Larger version of these photos of Chivay, Peru can be viewed by using a mouse rollover, clicking an image, or using the Slideshow below. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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statue of the andean condor
Condor Statue #0546
Chivay is a large market town on the edge of Colca Canyon country. In this part of the world, the Andean Condor is revered. The plague commemorates the 169th anniversary of the creation of the Ronda de Chivay province of Peru in 1994.

a photo of Chivay, Peru from the mountains
Looking Down on Chivay #0820
The road from Arequipa to Chivay is quite spectacular. There are the cliffs along the road, there is the disrepair, there is a 4800 meter pass, and there are spectacular views looking down into the villages passed along the way.

source of obnoxious noise in Chivay, Peru
Blaring Sound #0815
For a couple of weeks during the festivals of late January, Chivay using a very obnoxious sound system in the Plaza de Armas. It wasn't until I returned in February that I realized the sound system was temporary. But while in use, this blaring sound system is turned so loud there's noticeable distortion. The sound comes from this municipal building. It's there at 6AM and it's there at 10PM - and constantly all day inbetween. Blaring music is a common problem throughout South America, but this is the first time I found it to be institutionalized.

the road to Chivay, Peru
Road to Chivay #0825
Much of the road to Chivay from Arequipa is above the tree line. Consequently, some of the scenery is stark - but starkly beautiful.

a homestead in the highlands near Chivay
Homestead #0841
There is an occasional homestead with nothing else within miles.

snowy pass between Arequipa and Chivay.
Snowy Pass #0828
The road to Chivay includes a 4800 meter pass, which can become snow-covered even in summer.

alpacas in Peru
Llamas and Alpacas #0846
Throughout the highlands between Arequipa and Chivay it is common to see large flocks of both Llamas and Alpacas. Llamas have larger faces with noses almost like those of horses. Alpacas, prized for their wool (and their meat), are furrier with more delicate faces.

photo of a religious parade in Chivay, Peru
Chivay Parade #0789
In early February the villages throughout Colca Country have fiestas in which they celebrate La Virgen de la Candalaria.

a religious celebration in Chivay
Chivay Parade #0799
The parade circumnavigated the entire Plaza de Armas of Chivay, finishing at the church.

photo of the people of Chivay, Peru
Chivay People #0796
The native indian heritage of many people here shows clearly. In the villages of Colca, the older people still speak Quechua.

photo of a bullfighting arena in Peru
Bullfighting Arena 0816
Bullfighting is still a popular sport in Peru. It's a sport that's played for keeps. The bull usually loses.

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