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The Choro Trek in Bolivia begins with a steep climb to just over 5,000 meters into the Andes Mountains. At that point, the surroundings are a starkly beautiful lunar landscape of rocky and snowy crags above the tree line. The beautiful hike goes past many mountain homesteads built of stone. Along many of the early portions of the hike, the trail itself is lined with the stone walls used to mark the fields and pastures of the poor mountain people that live there. Eventually, the trail begins a slow descent through increasingly tropical jungle. The trail there is lined with myriad wildflowers of nearly every color. As one descends from the higher altitude of the Andes Mountains, the trail crosses many rivers, some with precarious bridges. This is a premier multi-day hike and one I highly recommend. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.

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Bridge During the Choro Trek
One of many bridges crossing rivers along the Choro Trek in Bolivia.

Choro Trek Campsite
This is one of the campsites we used along the Choro Trek in Bolivia

Andes Homestead
One of the homesteads seen high in the Andes along the Choro Trek in Bolivia

Homestead and Mountains
This photo shows one of the homesteads in the Andes Mountains seen along the Choro Trek in Bolivia.

Homestead on a Hillside
This is another photo of a homestead in the Andes Mountains.

Children in the Andes
These children came to see us as we hiked past their homestead in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia.

Andes Mountain Scene
This is a photo of a mountain scene along the Choro trek in Bolivia.

Stone Lined Trail
During this part of the Choro Trek, the beautifully desolate trail is lined with stone walls built by the homesteaders living here.

Mountain Pass
The first part of the Choro Trek rises to about 5,000 meters elevation to cross a desolate, lunar-like landscape of boulders.

Choro Trek Campsite

Homestead and Mountain



Homestead on Hillside

Mountain Scene #5

Choro Trek Trail #4

Choro Trek Trail #5

photo of the Andes 

Choro Trek #3
photo of a grave alongside 

an Andes Mountain trail
Choro Trek Burial Site

trail photo
Choro Trail

photo of a gravesite in the Andes 

Mountains along the Choro Trek

photo of a scene in the  

Andes Mountain seen along the Choro Trek trail
Choro Trek Mountain Scene #2
Some of the mountain scenes along the Choro Trek are quite spectacular

photo of the Andes 

Mountains along the Choro Trek
Choro Trek Mountain Scene #4

photo of women and llamas in the Andes 

Mountains along the Choro Trek
Women With Llamas

photo of the Sandallani homestead in the  

Andes Mountain seen along the Choro Trek trail
Sandallani Homestead

bridge over a small river on the 

Choro Trek
Precarious Bridge

photo of home in Kusyllunany in the Andes 

Mountains along the Choro Trek
Home at Kusyllunany

photo of the Choro Trek group
Choro Trek Group

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