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Peru's Colca Valley is a lush, green valley lined with Inca terraces on mountain slopes looking down on the Colca River. The valley gradually narrows and deepens to become the Colca Canyon, possibly the deepest canyon in the world. Controversy exists as to whether the Colca Canyon or the Cotahuasi Canyon - also in Peru - is the deepest in the world. The Grand Canyon is only the third deepest. The Colca Valley and Colca Canyon in Peru are excellent destinations for trekking or just seeing spectacular landscapes and scenery, for seeing the wildlife of South America, and for seeing how the people of Quechuan and Aymaran heritage have lived for centuries. After having taken two trips into the Colca Canyon and Colca Valley, I am recommending Colonial Tours for your travel arrangements. Larger versions of these photos of Peru can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or by using the Slideshow below. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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a scenic landscape photo of the colca canyon of peru
Colca Valley #1501
A photo of the mountains and Inca terraces of the Colca Valley in Peru.

photo of the green terraces in the colca-canyon of peru.
Colca Valley #1498
Incan terracing is seen virtually everywhere - from the steepest of mountainsides to even relatively level ground as seen here.

a view of the colca valley of peru where it begins to narrow into the colca-canyon.
Colca Valley #1496
The Colca River is largely responsible for carving the Colca Canyon in Peru - arguably the deepest canyon in the world.

a photo looking down on the Colca Lodge in Peru.
Colca Lodge #1460
The Colca Lodge is located at the bottom of the Colca Vallery alongside the Colca River.

title="photo looking down on the Colca Lodge in the Colca Canyon in the Andes Mountains of Peru"> the Colca Lodge
Colca Lodge #1370
The Colca Lodge has natural hot springs, which are a great way to end a day of exploring and hiking in the hillsides of the Colca Valley.

photo of the Colca Lodge in the Colca Valley of Peru
Colca Lodge #1438
The Colca Lodge is surrounded by lush green hillsides of Inca terraces.

photo of an alpaca at the colca lodge in Peru
Alpaca #1471
This Alpaca was being raised on the grounds of the Colca Lodge in the Colca Canyon of Peru.

photo of an alpaca
Alpaca #1469
This is another Alpaca at the Colca Lodge in Peru's Colca Canyon.

photo showing Chivay from a mountain road
Chivay #1352
The road to the Colca Canyon in Peru looks down on many villages as it moves closer to the canyon - here the view is down to Chivay.

photo of uyo uyo, pre-incan ruins in the colca valley of peru
Uyo Uyo #1429
These are the pre-Incan ruins of Uyo Uyo in the Colca Valley of Peru.

photo of pre-incan ruins in the colca valley
Uyo Uyo #1418
The Colca Lodge is not far from the pre-Inca ruins of Uyo Uyo. The ruins are an easy hike of an hour or so from the lodge. Finding the right trail up the mountainside can take a little trial and error, but the locals are happy to help point the way.

photo of yanque, peru across the colca valley
Yanque, Peru #1402
Yanque, Peru is just across and upriver from the Colca Lodge. The river can be crossed either downstream about an hour by foot or upstream a bit further in Chivay.

photo of incan terraces and mountains in the colca canyon of peru
Colca Valley #1493
Beautiful Colca Valley landscapes continue for miles along the Colca River in Peru.

the colca canyon
Colca Valley #1489
Tours or transportation to the Colca Valley or Colca Canyon are easily arranged from Arequipa, Peru. One excellent tour agency is Colonial Tours on Santa Catalina, just off the Plaza de Armas.

photo of a swinging bridge over the colca river
Colca Valley #1449
This swinging wooden bridge is just downriver from the Colca Lodge. It's easily approached from upriver and the Colca Lodge. The owners, if there, will unlock the gate and charge a few soles to cross. If they aren't there, or if you prefer, there's another bridge - more solidly built - further downriver that can be approached from the road above.

happy kids in the colca canyon
Colca Valley #1488
This village, perhaps like poor villages everywhere, are full of the young and old. Teens have fled to other larger towns and cities.

photo of the green colca canyon of peru
Colca Valley #1487
The Colca Valley is about four hours by car from Arequipa, Peru. The road is mostly good, with the exception of about 20 minutes of rough, pot-holed dirt road. The scenery there is interesting with many opportunities to see alpaca, llamas, and vicunas.

photo of peru's colca canyon
Colca Valley #1486
The Colca Valley is all beautiful lush, green Inca terraces and mountainsides.

Terraced fields around colca-canyon, Peru.
Vicuna #1281
This is a photo of a Vicuana - one of the four camelid species found in South America. The Vicuna is prevalent in the region between Arequipa, Peru and the Colca Canyon. The other wild camelid species is the Guanaco, which is rarely seen there.

a site for viewing andean condors.
Cruz del Condor #0705
The Colca Valley gradually narrows and deepens to become the Colca Canyon. At the lip of the Colca Canyon is a spot known as Cruz del Condor. This is a popular site for viewing the Andean Condor, one of the largest birds in the world. At Cruz del Condor, the Andean Condors frequently soar past the viewing site so closely that the wind in the wings can be heard.

an andean condor
Condor #1508
The Andean Condor has a wing span that can exceed three meters - the largest of any bird in the world.

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