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Cres, Croatia is a town of about 3000 people on the island of the same name. The island can be reached from the mainland via ferries from several mainland departure points. From Brestova, the ferry takes about twenty minutes and costs 117 KN and arrives at Porozina. The road from Porozina to Cres is very narrow and sometimes along cliff edge well protected by guard rails. The drive to Cres town takes about a half an hour. There is no driving in Cres, as all the city streets are very narrow and for pedestrian traffic only. But the town is relatively small and can be seen in a couple of hours. Krk is a port town and along the waterfront, boats are moored and a string of cafes and bars are found there. The photos of Cres on this page can be viewed using the Slideshow below. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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photo of the defensive tower in Cres, Croatia
Cres Defensive Tower #6821
This is a 16th century defensive tower in Cres, Croatia.

photo of the Churchtower of the Church of Assumption

in Cres, Croatia.
Cres Waterfront #6822
The city of Cres is a port town. This photo shows the boats moored there along the promenade where many cafes and restaurants are located.

photo of a city street in Cres, Croatia
Cres Street #6824
This is a street in Cres, Croatia.

photo of the Cres waterfront
Cres Waterfront #6825
This is the attractive waterfront in Cres, Croatia.

photo of the Cres city gate on the waterfront.
Cres Gate #6827
Cres has an attractive town gate and clocktower on the waterfront leading into the narrow streets of the town.

photo of Our Lady of the Snow Church in Cres, Croatia
Our Lady of the Snow #6830
Our Lady of the Snow church in Cres, Croatia.

photo of a city gate in Cres, Croatia
Cres City Gate#6832

convent and church of San Francesco 

in Cres, Croatia
Museum #6834
This building was originally the Convent and Church of San Francesco in Cres.

photo of
An attractive old church in Cres, Croatia

Cres Waterfront #6838
This is the waterfront in Cres, Croatia.

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