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Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands. This page has photos of the fortress of Iraklio and Rethymno, as well as the Palace of Knossos. The Palace of Knossos, supposedly one of the most important of all Greek ruins is a disgrace to the country. Its blatantly artificial reconstruction and the placement of ropes, barriers and EVEN PLASTIC ROOFING OVER RUINS completely eliminates any chance of seeing these historic structures in any way resembling the reality of their original construction. Although this site is literally crawling with tourists bussed in by the thousands per day to see these ruins, they are a complete waste of time offering very little worth seeing! These photos of Crete can be seen using the Slideshow below.
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Fortress of Iraklio, Crete #8750
The fortress of Iraklio is an interesting castle like structure located at the Iraklio harbor.

Fortress of Iraklio, Crete #8754
The Iraklio fortress was built in the early 1600's.

Fortress of Iraklio, Crete #8760
The defenses of the fortress protected the island from Turkish invaders for decades.

Fortress of Iraklio, Crete #8762

Iraklio Fountain #8765
The Mousini Fountain was built in the early 1600's and still operates today.

Palace of Knossos #8769
This is the most complete standing structure of the Palace of Knossos.

Palace of Knossos #8770
How much of this structure is original construction? Probably very little. Much is obviously modern. The gaudy colors are definitely not original. Maybe we could build a 5-story Anasazi structure in Ivins, Utah and then sell tickets for people to view phoney historical construction.

Palace of Knossos #8771
These large vases were behind ropes, probably to give the impression they are original.

Palace of Knossos #8772
At last, finally a largely original structure.

Palace of Knossos #8776

Palace of Knossos #8777
Here we see a marvelous example of plastic roofing supported by steel beams planted in the ground alongside 2000 year old ruins.

Palace of Knossos #8779
Here is yet another example of perfectly constructed plastic roofing, perhaps to protect Greek workers from the sun while they build artificial construction over original ruins.

Palace of Knossos #8781
The murals at Knossos, of which there are several, at least seem to be original.

Palace of Knossos #8784
Here is another example of plastic roofing where thousands of people a day are directed like cattle to see.

Palace of Knossos #8785
One wonders if this mural wasn't an ancient version of abstract art, surviving as a beautiful work of art even by today's standards.

Palace of Knossos #8787
Greek women were beautiful even two thousand years ago.

Rethymno Fortress #8791
The Rethymno Fortress is well worth a visit.

Rethymno Fortress #8792
The external walls of the fortress still stand, but most of the interior structures no longer exist.

Rethymno Fortress #8794
These are two of the best preserved structures within the fortress - a Christian church and a Muslim Mosque.

Rethymno Fortress #8799
Here is another view of the Mosque and other structures still standing within the Retymno Fortress of Crete.

Rethymno Fortress #8806
This is a photo of the exterior walls of the Rethymno Fortress of Crete.

Rethymno Fortress #8807
This is another view of the exterior of the Rethymno Fortress of Crete.

Rethymno Fortress #8809

Rethymno Restaurant #8814
Rethymno has some very attractive restaurants.

Rethymno Sponges #8813
Many shops in Crete sell natural sponges, not the artificial variety now common in the US.

Rethymno Street #8810
The old section of Rethymno is a very attractive area to browse with many nice shops and restaurants.

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