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Croatia is a scenically beautiful country consisting of a long narrow strip of land along the Adriatic Sea. Its rolling hills dip to beautiful seashores with mountainous islands jutting up from the sea. Many of its cities are on the sea and are a pleasure to visit during the summer. Many also are ancient, with remnants of their medieval history with castles and walls of fortification. The islands are easily visited by an active ferry system for both passengers and vehicles. This site has travel photos of many of Croatia's major cities. More pictures of each can be seen by using the link to go to that city's photo page. See these photos of Croatia using the Slideshow below. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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photo of a city gate in Cres, Croatia
Cres City Gate#6832
This is the ancient gate into the city of Cres, Croatia.

Cres Waterfront #6838
This is the waterfront in Cres, Croatia.

photo of Our Lady of the Snow Church in Cres, Croatia
Our Lady of the Snow #6830
This is Our Lady of the Snow church in Cres, Croatia.

photo of the outside of Old 

Old City Exterior #7433
This is a view of old Dubrovnik as seen just outside its defensive walls.

Dubrovnik city gate
Dubrovnik Gate #7435
This is one of the old gates leading into Dubrovnik .

photo of a street in  

Old City Exterior #7433
A bustling city street in Dubrovnik as seen just outside its defensive walls.

photo of a Gracisce, Croatia street
Gracisce, Croatia #6800
This is a street in Gracisce, Croatia.

photo of Gracisce's medieval defensive tower
Medieval Defensive Tower #6798
This tower is part of the ancient city fortifications of Gracisce, Croatia.

church of the mother of god in gracisce
Church of the Mother of God #6785
This old church is located in the town square of Gracisce, Croatia.

photo of the Francopan Castle in Krk, Croatia
Krk Francopan Castle #6909
The Frankopan Castle in Krk, Croatia was built in parts over several hundred years. The square tower was built in 1191 and the round tower was built last in the 1400's. The sea-facing part between the two was built in the 13th and 14th centuries.

photo of
Church of the Assumption #6869
This is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Krk, Croatia.

photo of the view from the Valomar Karalj Hotel
Hotel Valomar Karalj View #6890
This is the view from the Hotel Valomar Karalj in Krk, Croatia.

photo of the Temple of Augustus
Temple of Augustus #6688
The area around this Roman temple in Pula, Croatia was once a Roman Forum.

photo of outdoor cafes in Pula, Croatia
Pula Cafes #6693
Many outdoor cafes exist around the many ancient artifacts in Pula, Croatia making it possible to enjoy a coffee, beer, or wine while sightseeing in the city.

the Roman Amphitheatre in Pula
Roman Amphitheatre #6717
Pula, Croatia has one of the largest and best preserved Roman Amphitheatres in existence.

photo of the Francopan Castle in sibenik, Croatia
St. Jacov Cathedral #7080
This is the cathedral of St. Jacov in Sibenik, Croatia, built between 1431 and 1536.

photo of the Churchtower of the Church of Assumption

in sibenik, Croatia.
Sibenik Street #7085
This is a street scene in Sibenik, Croatia.

church of The Assumption in sibenik, Croatia
St. Chrysostom Church #7098
This is the 12th century church of St. Chrysostom in Sibenik, Croatia.

A street scene in Split, Croatia.

Split, Croatia is a vibrant university city. There are many outdoor cafes and restaurants to enjoy during leisure time.

A street scene in Split, Croatia.


These are the ancient walls of fortification that stretch between towns and around the village of Ston, Croatia.

This is a view of the village Ston, Croatia and the town's salt works from the ancient walls the climb and circle the surrounding hills.

This is the plaza of the little village of Svetvincenat, Croatia.

There is a large, bleak castle in the center of the little village of Svetvincenat, Croatia.

A street through the village of Svetvincenat, Croatia.

St. Lawrence Cathedral #7186
This is the 12th century Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Trogir, Croatia.

photo of the kamerlingo fortress
Kamerlingo Fortress #7144
This is the Kamerlingo Fortress in the interesting town of Trogir, Croatia.

The Trogir waterfront from the Kamerlingo Fortress
Trogir Waterfront #7156
This is the view of the Trogir waterfront from inside Kamerlingo Fortress in Trogir, Croatia.

Land Gate #6923
This is the eastern entrance through the old defensive walls into the city of Zadar, Croatia.

St. Donatus Church #6926
St. Donatus Church in Zadar, Croatia was built in the early 800's AD on the remains of a Roman forum. It is still surrounded by remnants of Roman columns and images of Roman gods carved in stone.

St. Chrysogonus Church
St. Chrysogonus Church #6954
St. Chrysogonus Church in Zadar, Croatia was finished in the year 1175.

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