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The Greek island of Delos is famous in Greek mythology as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The island has been inhabited since about 3000BC. This page has photos of the ancient Greek ruins that are worth seeing there. Point to the pictures to see enlargements or use the Slideshow feature to see these photos of Delos, Greece. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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photo of Greek ruins on the island of Delos.
Delos #8316
The Greek ruins on the island of Delos are fairly well preserved.

photo of ruins on Delos, Greece.
Delos #8319
Delos can be easily visited from Mykonos, but there are no overnight accomodations are available and overnight stays are not allowed.

photo Delos, Greece.
Delos #8327
Depending upon your fascination with Greek ruins and mythology, you can spend a couple of hours on Delos or much of the day.

photo of the Terrace of the Lions on Delos.
Delos #8330
The Greek island of Delos was mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, written about 700BC.

photo of ruins on the Greek island of Delos.
Delos #8342
The ancient Greek ruins on Delos are scattered across the island, which measures a bit more than a mile long by about a half-mile wide.

photo of Greek ruins.
Delos #8343
Doric Columns were built with concave-shaped grooves around their circumference and running their length.

photo of Delos ruins.
Delos #8348

photo of Delos ruins.
Delos #8349

Greek ruins on the island of Delos.
Delos #8350

photo of Greek columns on the island of Delos.
Delos #8352
This photo shows some of the ruins on the Greek island of Delos.

photo of the ruins of Delos.
Delos #8355

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