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This is aphoto of a wild Sea Fig in bloom.
Sea Fig
The Sea Fig is a low-growing succulent often found in sandy beach soil. The Sea Fig and closely related Hottentot Fig can hybridize. The flowers of the Sea Fig can range from yellow to magenta and will only open in full sunlight.

This is a photo of a Hottentot Fig.
Hottentot Fig
The Hottentot Fig is a spreading succulent that grows low to the ground. It and the Sea Fig share a common habitat and will hybridize.

photo of a Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris #1075
This photograph of a Bearded Iris was taken at my home in Michigan.

A Macro View of My Garden.

This flower and insect were photographed on the Bruce Peninsula in Canada.
Flowers and Insects
This photo of a flower and insect was taken on the Bruce Peninsula of Canada, just off the rocky shoreline of Lake Huron.

This is a prickly pear cactus in bloom.
Prickly Pear #9
This is a photo of the Prickly Pear cactus in bloom.

Photo of Cholla cactus in Joshua Tree National Park in California.
The Cholla Cactus is found in deserts throughout the American southwest. These were photographed at Joshua Tree National Park in California.

Photo of tulips at the annual Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan.
Blazing Tulips #3790
These tulips were photographed at the Tulip Time Festival of Holland, MI. The festival is an annual event typically taking place in early May when the tulips are in bloom.

Photo of tulips at Veldheer's Garden in Holland, Michigan.
Field of Tulips #3695
Veldheer's Garden in Holland, MI has acres upon acres of a huge variety of tulips that are strikingly beautiful when in bloom.

A macro photograph of the center of a wild Virginia Rose.
Rose Heart
The Virginia Rose is a wildflower that provides both cover and nourishment for birds and wildlife.

Photo of tulips from the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan.
Deep Red Tulips #3801
These are yet another variety of tulips that were blooming during the Holland Tulip Time Festival.

Photo of pastel colored tulips
Pastel Tulips #3794
There's a Snapple bottle cap that reports that tulip bulbs were used as a form of currency in Holland in the 1600's. Is this true?

Photo of dried flowers
Dried Flower
Some flowers remain rather beautiful even after the blossum dies.

a California Milkweed
California Milkweed
Although some species of milkweed are highly toxic, others once were and still are used for medical purposes. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on the undersides of some milkweeds. The larvae consume the foliage, which is toxic, to make themselves and the adult butterfly less palatable to predators.

fields full of tulips in Holland
Yellow Blaze #3805

This is Veldheer's Garden in Holland, Michigan.
Veldheer's Garden #3766
This is part of the gardens adjacent to the tulip fields at Veldheer's Gardens.

This orchid photo was taken at Krohn's Conservatory

in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Orchid #6205a
The orchid is a favorite flower to many people. It's no surprise given their delicately sensuous curves and beautiful range of colors.

This is an Iris blooming in the Michigan spring.
Iris #814
The Iris might only bloom for a short while in spring, but their blossums are very beautiful while they do.

Photo of a trefoil
The Trefoil is a nutritious low-growing legume that often grows wild in pasteur land. It can be responsible for improving the growth rate of cattle that browse on it.

yellow tulips on the verge of opening
Yellow Tulips #3756

photo of tulips
This is a common, traditional tulip but one of my favorites.

This is a photo of a wild Virginia Rose.
Virginia Rose #1429

This is a photo of an Iris in my Michigan garden.
Iris #818
The Iris has such a frilly, feminine attraction. If I were an insect, I'd make a beeline for it.

The Beach Morning Glory is aptly named.  This one was found growing wild in the sandy coastal soil of California
Beach Morning Glory
The Beach Morning Glory is one of the most widely distributed beach plants throughout tropical and sub-tropical areas in the world. It typically grows just above the high tide line in sandy soil along coastal beaches. It thereby stabilizes the sand helping to prevent erosion.

alluring, delicate curves of of a yellow and red tulip
Sensuous Tulips
The deep rich color and sensuous curves makes this one of my favorite tulip photographs.

tulips at the Holland Tulip Festival
Stretching Tulips
These tulips, stretched open wide, will soon lose their delicate petals.

pink and white tulips
Tulips in Pink and White
Pink, white, red, yellow - there are tulips of every color to please anyone's tastes.

Wild orchids
Wild Orchid #1316
The Bruce Peninsula in Canada is home to a wide variety of wild orchids.

This is a photo of pink tulips at Veldheer's Garden in Holland, Michigan.
Pink Tulips #3757
The tulip bloom at Veldheer's Garden attracts tourists and tulip lovers from all around the world.

purple tulips
Purple Tulips #3776
You might say that these tulip photos will bloom forever. Select your favorite color and order a print. It will make a beautiful decoration for any wall in your home or office.

Of all the photographs I take anywhere in the world, I love the ones of flowers most of all. The beauty of color, shape, and texture is universal, permanent, and appeals to everyone. The complexity and variety of flower blossums is truly awe inspiring.

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