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Gracisce, Croatia is a pleasant town of approximately 1400 inhabitants located in the Istrian peninsula. The town sits upon a hilltop in agricultural and wooded surroundings. The town has two old churches, one dating to the 1300's and the other from the 1400's. The town also has many old houses dating back to medieval times. There is also a defensive tower that remains from medieval times. Gracisce is one of the more attractive Croatian villages in this area. This page has photos of Gracisce's Church of St. Euphemia, the Church of the Mother of God, its defensive medieval tower, and city streets and ancient gates. These photos of Gracisce, Croatia can be viewed in our Slideshow.


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photo of a Gracisce, Croatia street
Gracisce, Croatia #6800
Gracisce, Croatia is an old village with many of its homes and buildings dating back to the 14th and 15th century.

photo of Gracisce's medieval defensive tower
Medieval Defensive Tower #6798
In medieval times, Gracisce was encircled by a defensive wall. This defensive tower still remains from those defenses.

photo of a lane in Gracisce, Croatia
Gracisce Lane #6790
This is a photo of a little lane in Gracisce, Croatia.

photo of a city gate in Gracisce, Croatia
Gracisce City Gate #6784
This city gate of Gracisce is part of the city's original medieval defensive wall.

photo of a city gate in Gracisce, Croatia
Gracisce City Gate #6780
This is another photo of the Gracisce city gate.

photo of the church of St. Euphemia

in Gracisce, Croatia
Church of St. Euphemia #6792
The Gracisce Church of St. Euphemia was built in 1383.

photo of The Church of the Mother of God
Church of the Mother of God #6789
The Church of the Mother of God was built in 1425.

church of the mother of god in gracisce
Church of the Mother of God #6785
This old church is located in the town square.

photo of an old home in Gracisce, Croatia
Old Home #6793
Gracisce has many ancient homes dating back to medieval times.

street in Gracisce, Croatia
Street in Gracisce #6801
There is medieval aura to the village of Gracisce.

street in Gracisce, Croatia
Gracisce Street #6782
Gracisce proudly shows its age, but it is a tidy place.

photo of a street in Gracisce, Croatia
Gracisce Street #6781
As expected of a medieval village, stone architecture is everywhere.

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