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The Holland Tulip Time Festival is an annual event in Holland, Michigan and people come from around the world to enjoy the beauty of these tulips grown by the millions. To learn more about the festival, visit their website at: Tulip Time.

The vast assortment of varieties and colors of tulips is truly amazing. These tulip photos were taken at Windmill Island and Veldheer's Tulip Garden during the 2006 Tulip Time Festival of Holland, Michigan. Larger versions of these photos of Tulips can be seen with a mouse rollover or the Slideshow below.


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a photo of a field of tulips blazing with color
Blazing Tulips

a photo of white and red tulips
Field of Tulips

a photo looking up at red and yellow tulips
Red and Yellow Tulips

a photo of deep red tulips
Deep Red Tulips

a photo of pastel tulips at the Holland Tulip

Time Festival in Holland, MI
Pastel Tulips

a photo of pink tulips
Pink Tulips #3757

Tulip Time Triptych

a tulip photo showing sensuous curves
Sensuous Tulips

a photo of tulips stretching toward the sun
Stretching Tulips

photo of pink and white tulips
Tulips in Pink and White

a photo of tulips at Veldheer's Garden in Holland, MI
Veldheer's Garden

a photo of purple tulips
Purple Tulips #3776

a photo of beautiful yellow tulips
Yellow Tulips #3756

a photo of tulips in a blaze of yellow color
Yellow Blaze #3805

a photo of tulips from TheWorldinLight Photo Gallery
Yellow Tulips

a photo of tulips and a windmill
Yellow Tulips and Windmill #3772

a photo of tulips and a 

windmill at Veldheer's Garden in Holland, MI
Veldheer's Garden #3768

a photo of tall tulips
Tall Tulips #3792

Tulip Time Triptych #2

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