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These insect photos were mostly taken around the US, most in their natural environment. The extreme close-ups were taken with a Sigma f2.8 105mm macro lens with varying lengths of extension tubes. For me, there is a pleasure in capturing a crisp, sharp image of something I cannot see clearly with my own bare eyes. And there is, to my way of thinking, a kind of beauty in the details revealed about these small creatures that seem so alien to us.

Larger version of these photos can be viewed by using a mouse rollover, clicking an image, or using the Slideshow below. If you're interested in macro photography and would like to try this type of photography, I've written a Beginner's Guide to Macro Photography. If you have any questions after reading this, please feel free to contact me - Robert Stephens at TheWorldinLight@aol-dot-com (please use the word "photos" in the subject line).


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close-up photo of a red dragonfly
Red Dragonfly #3290
I found this red dragonfly in my backyard in Sterling Hts, MI. So many of these guys are actually cute when seen close-up.

photo showing a Hummingbird Moth hovering over a flower while sipping nectar
Hummingbird Moth #8335
Hummingbird Moths can be mistaken for actual hummingbirds. They grow to two inches in length and feed on the nectar of flowers, hovering above or alongside them just as a hummingbird does.
close-up photo of a spider
Spider #3784
I found this spider in my garden shrubs in Michigan.

macro photo of a bumble bee
Bumble Bee #7596
I've seen some bees collect pollen and attach it to their legs until they have a full load and return to the hive. This guy has it on his back.

photo of a butterfly, possibly a Blue Morpho
Owl Butterfly #3127

close-up photo of a Grasshopper
Grasshopper #2061

macro photo of an insect's shedded skin
Bug Skin #7814
Many insects shed their skin to enable them to grow larger. This is an abandoned skin.

macro photo of a butterfly
Butterfly #7719

close-up photo of mating mantises
Mantises Mating #7847
I have seen a pair of mantises mating that have stayed together for over 2 days and nights.

close-up photo of a Rice Paper Butterfly
Butterfly #3137
close-up photo of a Hummingbird Moth
Hummingbird Moth #4071
This photograph of a Hummingbird Moth was taken along the waterfront in Grand Ledge, MI.

photo of a Tarantula
Tarantula #2521
This Tarantula was near my home in Ivins, UT, walking over from the desert nearby.

macro photo of a beetle
Bug #2506

close-up picture of a Rice Paper Butterfly
Butterfly #3149
macro photo of a jumping spider
Jumping Spider #1175

macro photo of a butterfly showing its proboscus curled away from its mouth
Owl Butterfly #3157
macro photo of a flower chafer beetle
Flower Chafer #2566

photo of a Praying Mantis with eyes staring back
Praying Mantis #2
Praying Mantises take advantage of superb camouflage to hunt their prey via ambush.

macro photo of a jumping spider
Jumping Spider #9088

macro photo of a lady bug
Lady Bug #2863

macro photo of a bug
Bug #4734

photo of a butterfly with wings down
Butterfly #3141
macro photo of a bug
Bug #4921

macro photo of a bug
Bug #4932

macro photo of a spider
Spider #5098

macro photo of a bee
Green-Eyed Bee #7906

macro photo of a dragonfly
Colorful Dragonfly #8533

macro photo of a grasshopper
Grasshopper #7390

macro photo of a grasshopper-like bug
Bug #5194

macro photo of an insect
Bug #2561

macro photo of a black fly
Fly #5584

macro photo of a bug
Bug #6331
Some relative of a stinkbug?

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