Photos of Barban, Krsan, Pican, and Rabac:
Towns in the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia

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Many of the little towns in the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia have ancient buildings and fortifications that can be interesting to see. Spending a day to drive through several of these towns can be enjoyable. The towns reviewed on this page didn't warrant an entire day of exploration and the points of interest were somewhat limited. Hence, I've gathered them together here on one page. All of these are small towns of a couple thousand people or so, located on the eastern side of the peninsula. This page has photos of Barban, Krsan, Pican, and Rabac. Barban: The town of Barban is located about 30 km north of Pula. It has roughly 2800 inhabitants.
Krsan: The town of Krsan is located about 22 km east-southeast of Pazin and has a population of about 2900 persons.
Pican: Pican is about 12 km east-southeast of Pazin.
Rabac: Rabac is a seaside town 39 km southeast of Pazin. It has become a popular tourist destination and has an abundance of apartments to rent for travelers.

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photo of an old church in Barban, Croatia
Old Barban Church #6673
This is an old church seen in Barban, Croatia.

photo of an old gate and wall in Barban, 

Barban Gate #6675
This is a photo of a town gate in Barban, Croatia.

photo of a town gate in Krsan, Croatia
Ksan Gate #6768
A town gate in Krsan, Croatia.

photo of the Cres waterfront
Krsan Scene #6769
This is a little street in Krsan, Croatia.

photo of the Cres city gate on the waterfront.
Pican Gate #6774
This is a town gate in Pican, Croatia.

photo of the bay at Rabac, Croatia
Bay at Rabac #6651
This is a view of the bay at Rabac, Croatia.

photo of a city gate in Cres, Croatia
Rabac Waterfront #6672 The Rabac waterfront is lined with bars and cafes. An assortment of restaurants are located higher on the hillside overlooking the bay.

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