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These old cars have been found in junkyards and roadsides around the US. Some of these antiques are just rotting away in backyards, some are used as decoration, some as flower planters. Some of the old cars shown in this photo gallery are only rarely seen in a restored state. Restored versions of the Gilbarco gas pump shown on this page can sell for thousands of dollars. If you're a lover of old cars or have saved a car from the fate of junkyards like these, you might enjoy this gallery. I have a collection of these photos and will be uploading more to this site as time allows. See the photos on this page in a Slideshow below.


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photo of old pickup trucks in a junkyard
Old Pickups #5857
This photograph of old pickup trucks was taken at my all-time favorite junkyard near Aiken, S.C.
photo of an old car rusting away in a junkyard in South Carolina
Old Car Under Pine Needles #1093
This old car is nearly unrecognizable under its bed of pine needles.
photo of an old cars in a junkyard
Old Cars #0033
Classic old cars in a junkyard.

photo of an old car and house in South Carolina
Old Car and House #1090
This old car and house seem a perfect match.
photo of an old car in a junkyard in South Carolina
Old Car #5892
The is another old car for sale in a junkyard in South Carolina.

photo of an old car in a junkyard
Old Car #1113

photo of a vintage 1970's bumper sticker
Bumper Sticker #5897
This is a vintage 1970's bumper sticker.
photo of an Edsel in a junkyard
Edsel #5906

photo of an Edsel in a junkyard in South Carolina
Edsel #5899

an old motorbike in morocco
Old Motorbike #9290
This old motorbike was on a street in Casablanca, Morocco.

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