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Labastide en Val is a pleasant little village in the south of France. I called this home for one month in the spring of 2014 and loved the tranquil setting. There is a stream that flows through the center of town and its cascades make a pleasant uproar during the spring snowmelt from the surrounding mountains. Although Labastide is too small for its own cafes and markets, there are both in Servies en Val just 5 km away. There's also a daily (except Wednesday) bread truck that comes into the village square that sells freshly baked bread, croissants, and pastries. Once a week there is also a butcher's truck that comes into town with an excellent choice of fine cuts of meat. A fruit and vegetable truck comes once a week as well. So, all in all, although Labastide is quite rural, it is locally well supplied with everything a person needs for comfortable homemaking. It's also very noteworthy that the surrounding hillside scenery is quite beautiful.

I stayed in a lovely one-bedroom home owned by Maggie Thirlway. Information on how to rent is available here: Labastide en Val home rental. There is also a pleasant little B&B owned and operated by the Roberts. For information, see: Auberge des Fleurs Sauvages. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.