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Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and considered to be the highest elevation navigable lake in the world. The indigenous people here are known for the quality of construction of their reed boats. This page has photos of Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian side, the Isla del Sol, which has some Incan ruins, the lakeside town of Copacabana and the Copacabana church. Larger versions of these photos of Lake Titicaca can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or by using the Slideshow below. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.

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highway littered with boulders during the Aymara blockade
Aymara Road Blockade
In 2001, the native Aymaras blockaded the roads with boulders. This was our route to Lake Titicaca from La Paz.

a reed boat on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia
Reed Boat and Hut
The people of Lake Titicaca have been building reed boats for centuries.

reed boats at Lake Titcaca in Bolivia
Reed Boat
Lake Titicaca is considered to be the highest elevation of any commercially navigable lake in the world. It sits at over 3000 meters elevation between Peru and Bolivia.

the plaza of Copacabana, Bolivia
Copacabana, Bolivia Plaza
This is the attractive plaza of Copacabana, Bolivia, on the shores of Lake Titicca.

photo of the church in Copacabana, Bolivia on the 

shore of Lake Titicaca
Copacabana Church
This beautiful church is in Copacabana on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

landscape photo taken near Copacabana, Bolivia
Copacabana Landscape
This photo shows some of the scenery around Copacabana near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

photo of a mural in Huayculi, Bolivia
Lake Titcaca
This is a photo of Lake Titicaca from the Bolivian side.

photo of Isla del Sol, Bolivia
Isla del Sol
Isla del Sol is on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

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