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World Landscape Photos From Six Continents

The World in Light has landscape photos from US national parks, the american southwest and other scenic locations in North America. There are also landscape images from Peru, Venezuela, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and Nepal. I'm gradually adding images from these and new locations, so please return to see my gallery again. Larger versions of these photos can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or by using the Slideshow below. This is the first of seven pages devoted to landscape images. To see more, choose from the links below. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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Stones in Spring
Pinnacles National Monument rises dramatically out of unlikely surroundings consisting of gently rolling hills, now covered in vineyards just outside of Soledad, California.

Hayloft and Mountains
This hayloft is in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal. To see more photos of Nepal, go to TheWorldinLight Nepal Photos Page.

Death Valley 2005
Death Valley is the lowest, hottest, and driest place in North Ameica. It is typically a stark place with little life revealing itself. In the spring of 2005, Death Valley had more wildflowers blooming than had been seen there in fifty years.

The Wave #0360
The Wave is an amazing area full of fascinating sandstone formations.

The Wave #0361
The Wave is located in southern Utah in an area known as Coyote Buttes.

Coyote Buttes #0402
Coyote Buttes is an area with beautiful scenery.

The Wave #0362
The Wave is both a photographers dream and nightmare. The range texture, color and shape of sandstone here is phenomenal. Getting correct photographic white balance to produce a photo that accurately reflects reality is a challenge. Every camera angle seems worthy of a photograph.

The Wave #0366
The surreal scenery of Coyote Buttes North.

Coyote Buttes #0382
A frozen pool in the semi-desert region of Coyote Buttes.

Coyote Buttes #0381
Coyote Buttes is a remote but beautiful area near the border of Arizona and Utah. It is a section of the Paria River Canyon and the Vermillion Cliffs Recreation Area that is full of amazing sandstone scenery.

The Wave #0367
Coyote Buttes is located south of Highway 89 about half way between Kanab, UT and Page, AZ.

Coyote Buttes #0342
Some of the interesting color and texture of the sandstone formations of Coyote Buttes.

Lone Boat
This lone dory waits in the harbor for the return of a lobster boat and its captain.

Green Beach #88
During a neap tide in Oregon, these rarely exposed rocks covered in seaweed became visible.

Green Beach #89
The beach and tidepools along Oregon's coast are fascinating places to visit during an unusually low tide.

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