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The photos on this page are from Antelope Canyon in Arizona, Acadia National Park in Maine, Death Valley National Park in California, The Wave, Buckskin Gulch, and Coyote Buttes in Utah, Pinnacles National Monument in California, and a single photo from each of the following: Nepal, Lewis River Falls in Washington, and Yellowstone National Park. Larger version of these photos of the world's landscapes can be viewed by using a mouse rollover, clicking an image, or using the Slideshow below. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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Upper Lewis Falls #2213
The rocky landscape along the Lewis River in Washington was created by volcanic action long ago.

Cadillac Mountain #1011
Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park consists of beautiful pink granite that in many places is covered with pretty green lichen.

Antelope Canyon #9
The sunlight bounces back and forth off of the close-spaced red sandstone walls of Antelope Canyon so that by the time the light reaches the bottom, it has taken on a deep reddish-orange color.

Antelope Canyon #8
Tours of Antelope Canyon are given daily by Navajo guides.

Artists Palette
There is an area within Coyote Buttes known as "The Wave". This name comes from the wavy shapes of sandstone walls that look almost like breaking surf on an ocean beach.

Streaks in Stone
There are no trails in this part of Coyote Buttes. But if you took a beeline from the nearest parking lot to "The Wave", you'd hike about 3 to 3.5 miles one way. If you hiked in this fashion to The Wave, you'd certainly see a lot of great scenery. But you'd certainly miss a lot too.

Swirling Stone
Coyote Buttes is a bit like a fascinating maze of sandstone hills, mounds and fins. The area deserves the time it takes to explore and discover.

The Wave #259
Using a GPS to navigate within the maze that is Coyote Buttes is helpful for getting near The Wave. But it's of little value in actually finding it. It is entirely possible to be within a hundred meters of The Wave and not know how to get to it. But once you've found it, it's straightforward to find it again. The difficulty is finding yourself on the wrong level of the surround rock. You can hit deadend dropoffs while walking on a fin, or run into deadend walls while hiking between fins.

Mysterious Rocks
These are the mysterious moving rocks of Death Valley that are found in the Racetrack Playa. The Playa is an ancient dried lakebed that is almost perfectly flat for several miles. These rocks tumble down the slopes of surrounding hills and then apparently move across the lakebed when the Playa is wet. The evidence of this is that the pattern of cracks in the mud in the wakes of the rocks are different from the pattern of the cracks in the mud seen elsewhere on the Playa. No one has ever witnessed these rocks moving, but it's thought that they are blown by strong winds racing across the Playa.

Desert Gold
In the spring of 2005, after an unusually wet winter, Death Valley had more wildflowers blooming than have been seen there in fifty years.

Chollas At Sunset
Joshua Tree National Park has an extensive "garden" of Cholla Cacti.

Desert Bloom
This is a photograph of Death Valley National Park taken during the profuse wildflower bloom of 2005.

Rippling Sand
Distances are deceiving in the desert. These sand dunes were several miles from the nearest road.

Sand Dune Sunset
The setting sun cast an orange glow across these sand dunes in Death Valley National Park.

Sand #494

Coyote Buttes #3
Coyote Buttes is a remote but beautiful area near the border of Arizona and Utah. It is a section of the Paria River Canyon and the Vermillion Cliffs Recreation Area that is full of amazing sandstone scenery.

Pinnacles #363
Pinnacles National Monument is particularly beautiful in the spring when the sharp contrast between the green vegetation and boulders is highlighted.

Dunes at Sunset
The sand dunes of Death Valley are at their most beautiful when the sun is low, either at sunrise or sunset.

Buckskin Gulch #53
Buckskin Gulch is thought to be the longest slot canyon in the world. Slot canyons are little more than narrow crevices through stone mountains. Many slot canyons, Buckskin Gulch included, are susceptible to flash floods that make them dangerous places after a rain. But these flash floods sculpt the walls of the canyon adding to their interest and beauty.

Buckskin Gulch #44
Buckskin Gulch is located in Coyote Buttes. It's an easy and interesting hike to go through some of Buckskin Gulch, but too long to make it through in a single day.

Angels Landing #31
Although Zion National Park is one of the smaller US national parks, it is arguably one of the most beautiful. The contrast of beautiful red sandstone against a deep blue sky is hard to beat.

Buckskin Gulch #45
Much of Buckskin Gulch lacks the brilliant colors of some slot canyons, but there are places where the wavy textured walls are colorful and very attractive.

Yellowstone Hotspring
This is a photograph of Morning Glory pool, one of the beautiful hot springs of Yellowstone National Park.

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