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Lava and Mountains #3260
Snow Canyon is a Utah state park just outside of St. George, Utah.

Black Lava #3318
Snow Canyon is littered with black volcanic boulders that rest in stark contrast to the reddish-orange hills of Navajo sandstone that rise around them.

Canyon and Mountain #3292
Snow Canyon is not as stunning as Zion or Bryce, its larger national park brothers. But it is a scenic and interesting place that is certainly worth a visit.

Canyon Walls #3311
There are miles and miles of relatively easy hiking trails that wind throughout Snow Canyon State Park.

Lava Boulders #3298
Snow Canyon also has lava tube caves that can be explored. Don?t forget to bring your flashlights, you?ll need them to explore these caves.

Orange Mountains #3265
Care must be exercised when visiting the lava tube caves. Some have very deep holes that could easily be fallen into.

Sandstone Desert #3287
Some of the hiking trails are closed from the early spring until late fall, so if there are particular areas that you want to visit, be sure to plan your trip at the right time of the year.

Snow Canyon #3290
There is one long stone arch in Snow Canyon, located on one of the trails that closes begining in early March.

Amstel River #3096
This is a photo of the Amstel River as it flows through Amsterdam, the name of which is probably more famous as a beer.

Bryce Canyon #79
Bryce is located in the southwestern part of Utah and is located at high enough altitudes that the park does have snow and ice in the winter and can be quite cold.

Flower Market
The Netherlands, famous for their tulips, enjoy their flowers of all types.

Canals at Night #3033
The canals of Amsterdam form semi-circular arcs at ever greater distances from the city center, with other canals forming spokes outward from the center.

Windmill #3084
This windmill was photographed just south of Amsterdam in the little village of Ouderkirk aan de Amstel.

Rembrandt Square
The Dutch certainly honor their many artistic heroes, and this square is named after one of them - Rembrandt, who lived in one of the three story homes in Amsterdam, was famous while even still alive and yet died entirely bankrupt in 1659.

The Dam at Night
The trains run frequently and efficiently in Amsterdam, even at night.

Magere Bridge
The Magere Bridge is illuminated by hundreds of lights at night. Also known as the Skinny Bridge, it's a double drawbridge made in the 1700's with a special type of wood from Africa known as Azobe.

a photo of an autumn scene 

in Yosemite National Park in California
Yosemite #5-31
This photo shows some of the colors of autumn at Yosemite National Park - a beautiful place in every season of the year.

the renaissance center in Detroit.
The Renaissance Center
This is the famous Renaissance Center of Detroit - now the GM Building - which has a commanding position overlooking the Detroit River.

the detroit skyline after dark
Detroit At Night #2
This nightscape photograph of the Detroit skyline was taken from Windsor with the city lights reflected in the Detroit River.

This photo shows the area known as 'The 

Narrows' in Zion National Park in Utah.
The Narrows #8
When the water flow of the Virgin River passing through Zion National Park becomes slow enough, the park service allows people into the canyon known as The Narrows. The canyon walls rise over a thousand feet nearly straight vertically from the river, making this hike one of the most popular in the park.

a sculpture in odette park
Windsor Sculpture #1958
Not only are there excellent views of the Detroit skyline from Windsor, Canada, but the city has a waterfront park along the Detroit River that is filled with very nice sculptures.

a sculpture in windsor, ontario, canada
Windsor Sculpture #1959
Odette Sculpture Park in Windsor, Ontario, Canada is a beautiful park running several kilometers along the shore of the Detroit River.

a sculpture in odette sculpture park in windsor, ontario
Windsor Sculpture #1965
Odette Sculpture Park is a great place to walk or rollerblade along the Detroit River, or just sit back and watch the freighters pass by.

An early morning view of Bryce Canyon

in mist.
Bryce in Mist #3344
Sometimes early in the morning, the pillars of Bryce Canyon are enclosed in mist and fog.

A misty view of Bryce Canyon.
Pillars of Bryce #3595
Bryce Canyon is famous for these colorful, shapely sandstone pillars.

Bryce Canyon in mist.
Pillars of Bryce #3596
This is a photo of the pillars of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

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