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New Zealand is a land of extraordinary and diverse scenic beauty. This makes it a top travel and vacation destination in the world. A wide variety of natural attractions await here, including rain forests, beautiful beaches, high snow-covered mountains with blue ice glaciers, volcanoes, green rolling hills, hot springs and thermal vents, and unusual wildlife including the extraordinary Kiwi and Penguins. For the adventure traveler, almost every conceivable adventure can be found - helihikes to the top of crevasse-filled glaciers, treks over snow-covered active volcanoes, hikes through rain-forests, surfing, scuba diving, hang-gliding, street luge rides down steep mountain roads, zooming over raging river torrents while hanging from a cable crossing and on and on. I'd return in a heartbeat. This page has photos of the landscapes throughout New Zealand, both North and South Islands. There are photos of the famous popular dayhike known as the Tongariro Crossing, wit photos of the Emerald Lakes and Mt. Ngauruhoe, a heli-hike on the Franz Josef Glacier, with photos of ice caves and blue-ice crevasses, the carved stone faces at Lake Taupo, the beautiful glacial snowmelt of the Huka Falls, the Buller River Gorge, and the Picton Ferry Crossing. Larger versions of these travel photos of New Zealand can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or by using the Slideshow below. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.
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photo of the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand
The Tongariro Crossing
One of the highlights of my trip through New Zealand was the hike known as The Tongariro Crossing

photo of the Emerald Lakes as seen on the Tongariro Crossing
in New Zealand
The Emerald Lakes
The Tongariro Crossing takes hikers past these beautiful emerald-colored lakes.

photo of Mt. Ngauruhoe
Mount Ngauruhoe
There is a detour from the main path of the hike that gives hikers the chance to climb to the summit of Mt. Ngauruhoe - a beautiful conically-shaped volcano.

This is a photo of me on the dayhike known as the Tongariro Crossing.
Me at Tongariro This is a photo of me on the dayhike known as the Tongariro Crossing.

photo of snowcapped Mt. Ngauruhoe
Snowcapped Mt. Ngauruhoe This is a photo of the snowcapped Mt. Ngauruhoe.

a view of Mt. Ngauruhoe
View of Mt. Ngauruhoe This is a long-distance view of Mt. Ngauruhoe.

hiking the Tongariro Crossing
Toward The Summit
Hiking the Tongariro Crossing.

photo of the Franz Josef Glacier
The Franz Josef Glacier
Another great adventure I had while in New Zealand was a heli-hike on the Franz-Josef glacier. This is a view of the glacier as we approached in the helicopter.

photo of Franz Josef Glacier as seen from a 
Close Above the Franz-Josef Glacier
This is a closer view of the glacier as we approached by chopper.

photo of a deep crevasse on the Franz Josef Glacier
A Glacier Crevasse
We were equipped with cramp-ons and ice picks to maneuver ourselves near these deep crevasses.

this is a photo of me in a blue ice cave on Franz Josef Glacier
Me In Ice Cave
The ice caves and crevasses displayed beautiful blue glacial ice which can be thousands of years old.

photo of the beautiful colors of Huka Falls
Huka Falls
Huka Falls has the unusual beauty owing to glacial ice melt and minerals that give it this extraordinary color.

images of Maori faces carved in stone on Lake Taupo
Lake Taupos Carved Face
This Maori carved image was on a stone face on one shore of Lake Taupo. Lake Taupo also has the distinction of being quite hot in some places due to subterranean thermal activity near the surface.

photo of the Buller River Gorge where there's a swinging bridge 
and a zip line that go over the raging river
Buller River
This is the Buller River area of New Zealand. Nearby this location there is a swinging bridge that crosses a raging portion of the river. There is also a cable from which you can hang and zoom across that same portion of the river. Doing both makes for an exciting trip over and back.

photo showing the scenery at the ferry crossing in Picton
Ferry Crossing at Picton
The ferry crossing at Picton is a scenic boatride. If traveling by car, as I did, it's cheaper to leave your rental car on one side and re-rent another car on the other side.

photo of the coast near Tutukaka
Coast Near Tutukaka
The coastal scenery along the north shore of the south island is very nice.

photo of Karaka Point near Picton
Karaka Point Near Picton

photo of maori art in the church at Hiruharama
Maori Church Art at Hiruharama
This church shows the influence of the Maori culture

photo of the altar in the church at Hiruharama
Church at Hiruharama
The altar of this church has this excellent Maori wood carving.

photo of the round Moeroki Boulders
Moeroki Boulders
One stretch of the Eastern shore of the South Island has these interesting spherically-shaped boulders.

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