Photos of the Top of Roraima Tepui

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Tepuis are geologically ancient mountains that rise nearly vertically from surrounding grasslands. The tops are so isolated from their surroundings that much of the life that has developed there is seen nowhere else on earth. Roraima Tepui is one such tepui, rising from the grasslands of the Gran Sabana of Venezuela. A two day hike to Roraima starts from the village of Pareitepuy. Arrangements for a guide (required) can be made in Santa Elena. The top of Roraima tepui is so isolated from the surrounding grasslands that it is estimated that half of all life there is found nowhere else on earth. It was first explored in 1912 and a lecture on the scientific findings was so impressive to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that it became the basis for his novel entitled "The Lost World". It is a quite beautiful and fascinating place, with wildflowers, rock formations, a deep sinkhole with a waterfall, and a valley of crystals. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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