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Oregon is a beautiful state! The rugged coast with cliffs falling into the sea and large jagged rocks jutting up from the water's surface produces stunning scenery. Inland there are a multitude of beautiful hiking trails and a greater density of beautiful waterfalls than anyone can find anywhere. Neap tides on the seashore reveal beautiful anemones and starfish and its sometimes possible to see baby seals sunning themselves. This page has photos of the seashore, lighthouses, hiking trails, animal life, and waterfalls. Larger versions of these photos of Oregon can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or by using the Slideshow below. See everything TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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seascape photo of the Oregon coast line
Rocks and Birds #2313
The Oregon coast is ruggedly beautiful with jagged rocks protruding from the sea.

photo of the Oregaon seashore
Mist and Sea #2293
Many places along the highway have pull-offs with fantastic views looking down on the Pacific Ocean far below.

photo of rocks jutting from the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon coast
Misty Coastal #2304
The scenery along the Oregon coasts often changes from moment to moment with fog and mist alternating with bright sunshine shimmering off the Pacific Ocean.

photo of Haceta Lighthouse on a promontory on the Oregon coast
Haceta Lighthouse #2328
There are nine lighthouses along the coast of Oregon. Seven of these are open to visitors.

photo of an Oregon lighthouse
Lighthouse #2339
The Oregon lighthouses were all built between 1870 and 1886. Most have since been decommissioned or automated.

landscape photo of Haystack Rock along the Oregon coast
Haystack Rock #2258
Haystock Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon is a 235 foot tall landmark on the coast of Oregon.

photo of the fresnel lens in the Cape Mears Lighthouse in Oregon
Lighthouse Fresnel Lens #2270
This is the lens of the Cape Mears Lighthouse near Tillamook Bay in Oregon.

photo of the inside of the Cape Mears Lighthouse in Oregon
Lighthouse Light #2289
This is the light of the Cape Mears Lighthouse.

photo of the Cape Mears Lighthouse in Oregon
Cape Mears Lighthouse #2272
This lighthouse was built near Tillamook Bay in 1890 and was put out of service in 1963. It's possible to visit the inside of this lighthouse and inspect the lens and light at close quarters.

photo of an Anemone seen during a neap tide on the coast of Oregon
If you're lucky enough - or plan ahead - to see the Oregon coast during a neaptide, you can see hundreds and hundreds of beautiful anemones and various colors of starfish.

photo of seaweed on an exposed beach during a neap tide in Oregon
Green Beach #88
During a neaptide, long stretches of deep green seaweed appears on beach that is rarely exposed.

seaweed exposed during a neap tide in Oregon
Green Beach #89

photo of seagulls and rock boulders along the Oregon coast
Birds and Seashore

photos of sea lions with a raging sea
Sea Lions and Sea

photo of the Oregon seashore and a lagoon
Green Beach #89

photo of a seal swimming on its back
Seal #2407

photo of a baby seal sleeping on a beach
Baby Seal #2-055 I saw this baby seal on a stretch of ground exposed off shore during an extreme neap tide.

photo of orange and red starfish exposed by a neap tide on the Oregon seashore
Starfish #0073

photo of Horsetail Falls in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon
Horsetail Falls This is a photo of Horsetail Falls.

photo of Triple Falls in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon
Triple Falls This is a photo of Triple Falls, one of the great little dayhikes in the Columbia River Gorge.

Wahkeena Falls in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge
Wahkeena Falls #0010 This is a photo of Wahkeena Falls.

photo of Mt. Hood in Oregon
Mt. Hood This photo shows the snow-capped Mt. Hood in Oregon.

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