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My gallery of people photos include images captured from Laos, Thailand, Nepal, Bolivia, Peru, Morocco, and Egypt. Nepal, with the Himalaya Mountains, and Bolivia and Peru with the Andes Mountains, are all countries with high altitudes. The people there, interestingly, all look either old or young, almost never in-between. Their sun-aged skin takes on an interesting character, with deep crowded creases on their faces. In the northern part of Thailand, in a village called Tha Thon, there is a tribe of people that practice a custom in which the women wear brass rings around their neck, beginning from the time they are young girls. These "long neck women" increase the number of rings they wear as they grow up, giving them the long necks that gives rise to their name. Larger version of these photos can be viewed by using a mouse rollover, clicking an image, or using the Slideshow below. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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an old man in nepal
Weathered Face
This man was photographed near the village of Langtang, Nepal in the Himalaya Mountains. More photos of Nepal can be seen in TheWorldinLight Nepal Page.

an old woman in Bolivia
Old Woman
This old woman was photographed at a market in Calacoto, Bolivia just south of La Paz. A travelogue of my trip through Bolivia can be read at Bolivia Travelogue.

people and culture of Nepal
Holy Man
In Kathmandu, Nepal the dead are cremated outside the Pasupathinath Temple and their remains brushed into the Bagmati River. Near the Pasupathinath temple, holy men and snake charmers greet passersby. More photos of Nepal can be seen in TheWorldinLight Nepal Page.

mother and child in cusco, peru
Mother and Child
In Cusco, Peru where tourists flock to visit ancient Incan ruins such as Machu Picchu, the local people eke out a life by selling trinkets and crafts to foreigners. This woman carried her child throughout long days to sell finger puppets to tourists. More photos of Peru can be seen in TheWorldinLight Peru Page.

kids staring at each other
Kids in Standoff #0438
These kids encountered each other in the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa, Peru - curious, but just a little wary. More photos of Arequipa, Peru can be seen in TheWorldinLight Peru Page.

long necked women of thailand
Long Neck Woman
The village of Tha Ton, along the northern border of Thailand, is home to the "Long Necked Women". These people are part of the Karen tribe of people that also live in Myanmar. From the time the girls in this tribe are very young, they begin wearing brass rings around their necks. More rings are added as the girls grow, causing the collar bone to be suppressed. It is this that gives these women the illusion of having long necks.

the people of Peru
Colorful People
The people of Ollantaytambo, Peru are very proud of their Incan heritage. The Incan ruins present there are the site of the only Incan victory over the invading Conquistadors. On the face of the rock cliff overlooking Ollantaytambo there is a sculpture - probably several stories tall - of the face of an ancient Incan king. More photos of Peru can be seen at TheWorldinLight Peru Page.

a snakecharmer in Kathmandu, Nepal
Snakecharmer #1
This is one of the snake charmers near the Pasupathinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. More photos of Nepal can be seen in TheWorldinLight Nepal Page.

happy children of cliza, bolivia
Children of Cliza
This group of happy children played on the streets of Cliza, Bolivia.

street child playing the churango for change
Child With Churango
The land-locked country of Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America. Entire families are homeless here and often will beg for food outside of restaurants. This boy played a churango on street corners for tips.

happy children of Langtang, Nepal
Children in Langtang
These are children in the village of Langtang, Nepal - high in the Himalaya Mountains. More photos of Nepal can be seen in TheWorldinLight Nepal Page.

brother helping brother in Cusco, Peru
These boys played in the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru. More photos of Peru can be seen in TheWorldinLight Peru Page.

an old egyptian man
This old Egyptian man sat patiently outside one of the tombs in Giza.

girls in cabanaconde, peru
Cabanaconde Girls #0669
These cute girls were in the Plaza de Armas of Cabanaconde, Peru. To see more photos of Cabanaconde, Peru can be seen at TheWorldinLight Cabanaconde, Peru Photo Page.

happy kids in Cabanaconde, Peru
Happy Kids in Cabanaconde #0677
These were some of the happy kids I met in Cabanaconde, Peru. To see more photos of Cabanaconde, Peru can be seen at TheWorldinLight Cabanaconde, Peru Photo Page.

cute kids in Arequipa, Peru
Cute Kids in Arequipa, Peru
These cute kids were seen in the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa, Peru. There, it's a common sight to see little children taking care of even littler children.

children in Aswan, Egypt
Children in Aswan, Egypt
You can almost see the adults these children will become. Some vivacious and joyful, some skeptical, leary, some curious.

a family in Aswan, Egypt
Family in Aswan, Egypt
Agreeable, having given permission, but standoffish and perhaps suspicious.

family in Aswan, Egypt
Egyptian Family
Living a hardscrabble life.

girl in Aswan, Egypt
Girl in Aswan, Egypt

child in Aswan, Egypt
Mine Casualties
In the Siem Reap area of Cambodia, there are men and boys by the hundreds or thousands that have lost legs and arms to post-war unexploded land mines.

Thai girl with a great big smile
Brightest Smile
This little girl has the biggest smile I've ever seen. And looking at this photo, I wonder where she learned it.

a woman begging in Tangier, Morocco
Woman Begging
This woman was sitting on the street begging in Tangier, Morocco.

a man pouring tea in Morocco
Man Pouring Tea
This man was serving tea in a carpet shop in Morocco.

women in Morocco
Women in Morocco
These women were preparing thread for carpet making in Morocco.

beduins in the Sahara Desert
Beduins in the Sahara
These friendly beduins were my hosts in the Sahara desert.

men in Morocco
Men In Morocco
These men were sitting in a plaza in Morocco.

man operating lathe in Morocco
Man and Lathe
This man was preparing goods to sell in his shop in Morocco.

man in Morocco
Man in Morocco

kids outside Pakse, Laos
Happy Kids in Laos
I encountered these cute kids outside of Pakse, Laos and bought them soft drinks.

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