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Pinnacles National Park is a scenically beautiful area of massive boulders, and stories-tall vertically-standing stone monoliths and spires. The area was created millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions. The primary attractions at Pinnacles are hiking, rock climbing, wildflowers, California Condors, and perhaps also, the presence of a couple of caves. There are more than 30 miles of hiking trails at Pinnacles National Park, some along the edge of sheer stone walls with drop-offs of hundreds of feet. Pinnacles National Park is located approximately 140 miles south-southeast of San Francisco. There is both an east and west entrance, but these roads do not connect, i.e., there is no road that passes through the park. To travel by motor vehicle from one side of the park to another requires a drive of about 40 miles around and not through the park. The nearest town to Pinnacles is Soledad, located about 10 miles from the western entrance to the park.

The act of Congress that upgrade Pinnacles National Monument in to a National Park was passed in late 2012 and signed into law in January of 2013. As of this writing, it is the newest of all US National Parks.
Larger version of these photos of Pinnacles National Park can be viewed by using a mouse rollover, clicking an image, or using the Slideshow below. For more information on Pinnacles National Monument, visit the National Park Service site at Pinnacles. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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photo of huge boulders on a green hillside in Pinnacles National Park
Pinnacles #362
Pinnacles National Park in California is full of unusually shaped boulders that were created by volcanic activity.

photo of huge boulders with rocky cliff in the background in 
Pinnacles National Park
Pinnacles #363
Pinnacles National Park is particularly beautiful in the spring when the sharp contrast between the green vegetation and boulders is highlighted.

photos of huge stone pinnacles standing on a green slope in 
Pinnacles National Park
Stones in Spring
Pinnacles National Park is sprinkled with large boulders on mountainsides.

photo of someone sitting high on a rock cliff overlooking green 
hillsides in 

Pinnacles National Park
Pinnacles #7
Pinnacles National Park in California is a great place to hike through rock mountains and stone monoliths that stand hundreds of feet high in an area surrounded by lush green landscape.

photo of tall pinkish-colored boulders standing among green trees 
in Pinnacles National 

Pinnacles #48
As can be seen in this photo of Pinnacles National Park, the rock boulders - or mountains - stand far taller than the surrounding trees.

photo showing a hiking trail beside tall boulders in Pinnacles 
National Park 

in California
Pinnacles #67
The stone boulders and pinnacles stand hundreds of feet tall. This photo provides some perspective by showing the hiking trail - a diagonal line moving upward to the left in the lower center.

photo of a yellow California Poppy in Pinnacles National Park
Pinnacles #71
This is a photo of a California Poppy. These delicate flowers close their petals in late afternoon.

photo of yellow California Poppies with huge stone boulders in 
the background
Pinnacles #72
As seen in this photo, Pinnacles National Park is loaded with yellow California Poppy flowers.

photo showing a hiking trail with tall stone pillars in 
Pinnacles National Park 

in California
Pinnacles #73
This photo shows one of the hiking trails at Pinnacle National Park, leading through a group of tall rock pinnacles.

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