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The Bolivian landscape is diverse, including the high altitude Andes Mountains and the Amazon basin. Bolivia still has extensive areas of unspoiled Amazon basin rainforest, making it a premier place for adventurous travelers to escape civilization and see tropical nature and wildlife as it's existed unchanged for centuries. This page features photos of a trip into the Bolivian Pampas, a semi-jungle area that is filled with wildlife. We searched along the Rio Yacuma and swamps for anacondas and other wildlife. The photo of the piranha was taken after being caught from the Rio Yacuma river. Larger versions of these photos of Bolivia can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or by using the Slideshow below. See the wide variety of photos from TheWorldinLight Photo Gallery at Travel Destinations and Photo Topics.

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close-up of a piranha, teeth and all
This is a close-up photograph of the face and teeth of a Piranha, just caught out of the Rio Yacuma River in Bolivia.

Tiahuanaco wall with carved faces
Squirrel Monkeys along the Rio Yacuma River.
We motored far up the Rio Yacuma River to explore the jungle.

photo of me with an anaconda
Me With Anaconda
This is a photo of me with the Anaconda I caught in the Pampas area of Bolivia.

photo of a capabara
This is a photo of a Capabara, the world's largest rodent. They're a common food for the Anaconda that live in the same habitat.

photo of the group making the 

Rio Yacuma river trip
Rio Yacuma Group
This is a photo of the group making the trip into the Pampas area of Bolivia along the Rio Yacuma River.

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