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Utah has some of the most dramatic scenery in the USA. Around my home in Ivins, UT there are many interesting hiking trails through beautiful red sandstone mountains. This page focuses on one such dayhike known as the Scout Cave Trail. And yes, there really are caves at the end of the Scout Cave Trail. The trail begins just south of Snow Canyon and shares a trailhead with a hike called Johnson Canyon Trail. About 1/4 mile after the beginning of this hike, Scout Cave Trail diverges to the south. Total roundtrip trail length is about five or six miles in and back, though alternative exit points to Snow Canyon Parkway exist. Larger versions of these photos of the Scout Cave Trail and the Scout Caves can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or by using the Slideshow below. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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a photo of black lava boulders and red 

sandstone mountains along the scout cave trail in Ivins, UT
Scout Cave Trail #346
The hike begins as a spur off the Johnson Canyon Trail. In this area, black lava boulders stand in contrast to the surrounding red sandstone cliffs.

photo of the opening of one of the scout 

caves in Ivins, UT
Scout Cave #349
The trail ends at several interesting caves in the red sandstone cliffs. Entrance to most of the caves is easily accessible. One requires a bit of a climb.

a view from inside one of the scout caves in 

Ivins, UT
Scout Cave #0350
Once inside the caves, there is a pleasant view overlookng Ivins, Ut.

a photo of a person climbing a high wall 

inside of Scout cave in Ivins, UT
Scout Cave Trail #352
Inside one of the caves there is a tall wall that can be climbed. Be careful!

a view of a black lava field and red 

sandstone mountains in Ivins, UT
Scout Cave #365
The views from the cliffs below the caves is quite nice!

red rock boulders near a cliff face along the 

scout cave trail in Ivins, UTah
Scout Cave #367
If you're imaginative, some of the cliffs and boulders take reminiscent shapes...this one for instance, looked to us like a face.

boulders standing outside one of the 

scout caves in Ivins, Utah
Scout Cave #379
Some of the cave mouths have large boulders that have collapsed from the cliff face above.

a view from inside one of the scout caves in 

Ivins, Utah
Scout Cave #381
The caves are just deep enough that you can feel the cool cave air as you approach.

a view from the cave mouth of scout cave in 

Ivins, Utah
Scout Cave #388
From the caves, it's possible to overlook the large lava fields below.

a red rock mountain along the scout cave 

trail in Ivins, Utah
Scout Cave Trail #336
The hike passes through interesting red rock scenery.

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