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These are photos of 'The Toadstools', interesting rock formations in southern Utah. There are several clusters of these rock formations, most of which are easily accessible by trails just north of Highway 89, about halfway between Kanab, Utah and Page, Arizona. These photos were all taken of the Toadstools at the 20.8 mile mark of Highway 89 - nearly across the highway from where the summer office of the BLM is located. This is not very far from the trailheads into Coyote Buttes where hikes to The Wave and Buckskin Gulch begin. Larger versions of these photos of The Toadstools in Utah can be viewed by using a mouse rollover or using the Slideshow below. See other scenic attractions of Utah by using the links above. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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photo of brown toadstool rock formation in southern Utah
The Toadstools #6926
It is a short and easy day hike into this cluster of toadstools.

photo of a toadstool rock formation
The Toadstools #6930
The contrasting colors of orange, chocolate, and white are often side-by-side in this area.

landscape photo of the toadstools region of southern Utah
The Toadstools #6934
Several locations of these toadstools are easily visited by dayhikes near the old Kanab BLM office on the opposite side of Hwy 89.

The Toadstools #6935
House Rock Valley Road, just to the west of these toadstools will take you to Coyote Buttes, The Wave, and Buckskin Gulch. To the east is Cottonwood Canyon Road with lots of little nooks and crannies, a few small slot canyons and nice scenery.

landscape photo of brown rock formations in Utah
The Toadstools #6942
While in the vicinity of Coyote Buttes or Buckskin Gulch, the dayhike into the Toadstools is a nice way to spend a morning or afternoon.

photo of the toadstools in Utah
The Toadstools #6949

Utah rock formations known as The Toadstools
The Toadstools #6951
Although some of these rock formations might look like toadstools, many look like something else. Many are clearly very phallic - but hey, this is nature.

landscape photo of southern Utah rock formations
The Toadstools #6963

Snow Canyon State Park Photos (Page 3)

Photos of The Wave in Coyote Buttes

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