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Venezuela is a wonderful country with a diverse selection of pleasures - from its beautiful coastal beaches to the Andes Mountains to the wildlife-rich area known as Los Llanos. Venezuela is also home to some fascinating flat-topped mountains known as Tepuis. These very ancient mountains rise nearly straight up from the surrounding grasslands and their flat-topped peaks are entirely isolated from their surroundings. Consequently, life has evolved completely separately on the tops of these tepuis. One of the tepuis is known as Roraima. It is now accessible by a moderately difficult multi-day hike. Roraima was first explored by an expedition financed by the National Geographic Society just after the beginning of the twentieth century. Explorers discovered an assortment of plant and animal life there that could be found nowhere else on earth. It became the basis for a book entitled "The Lost World" written in the early 1900's by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The little mountain village of Los Nevados is a beautiful place worth a visit. It can be reached by a beautiful hike after riding the longest cable car in the world high into the Andes. See all TheWorldinLight has to offer at Destinations and Topics.


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photo of the view from the trail to the top of Roraima Tepui in Venezuela
View From Roraima
Roraima is one of many unique mountains known as Tepuis. Tepuis are tall flat-topped mountains that rise nearly straight vertically from the grasslands where Venezuela, Brazil, and French Guiana meet. The tops of these mountains are so inaccessible that none were explored until Roraima, when National Geographic sponsored an expedition there in the early 1900's. Scientists learned that nearly half the life forms found there were unique and found nowhere else on earth.

landscape photo of a view looking down on Los Nevados from the trail to Merida's cable car in Venezuela
Los Nevados
Los Nevados is a beautiful village in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela. A typical excursion there typically starts from Merida, where the highest cable car in the world takes you high into the mountains. From there, a long, beautiful hike will take you to this village.

photo of an anaconda in a swamp in the Los Llanos region of Venezuela
Anaconda #671
This Anaconda was found in the wild in a swamp in the Los Llanos region of Venezuela. It's sheer speculation what this anaconda had eaten. Perhaps it was a Capabara, perhaps a Caiman. In any case, the curves and lumps in its enormously stretched belly was something that had been alive very shortly before we encountered this snake. Excursions into swamps waist deep is an optional adventure when visiting Los Llanos - not for the faint of heart.

nature photo of an Anaconda in its natural habitat in the swamps of Venezuela
Anaconda #672
I waded swamps in Los Llanos, Venezuela for hours looking for the famous anaconda. We found two, coincidentally spaced only perhaps fifty meters apart from each other. Thankfully, they both had very recently eaten, probably within hours. The largest of the two - both of which were enormous - was perhaps 6-7 meters long.

nature photo of an anteater in a tree in the Los Llanos region of Venezuela
Anteater #626
This is a tree anteater that I photographed in the Los Llanos region of Venezuela.

nature photo of an Anteater in its natural environment in Venezuela
Anteater #627
Los Llanos, Venezuela is home to a highly diverse population of wild animals. The area is full of Caiman, Capabara, Anteaters, Anaconda and monkeys. Birdwatchers from around the world come here because of the number of different species of birds here.

photo of an Anteater
Anteater #629
The Tree Anteater moves very slowly, almost like a Slow Loris. This one was photographed in Los Llanos, Venezuela.

photo of boulders in mist on the top of Roraima Tepui
Top of Roraima #0846
There is a great deal of folklore surrounding Roraima, with stories of people vanishing never to be found, and unseen prehistoric beasts whose wails can be heard from within the mists. It is an eerie place. See more at Photos of Roraima Tepui.

misty view of the top of Roraima Tepui
Top of Roraima #0847
The top of Roraima is like a cloud forest. It is frequently in mist, but the rocky landscape has only a thin soil layer for the unusual plants and flowers that grow there. See more at Photos of Roraima Tepui.

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