Photos of the Versailles Gardens

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Versailles is a beautiful city residing at the edge of the greater Paris metropolitan area. It is easily accessible via the Paris Metro (line C). The premier attraction is the Versaille Palace and Gardens. The Versailles Gardens is truly a beautiful outdoor museum, well-worth seeing - more for the immense quantity of artistic sculptures and fountains, than for flowers, of which there are nearly none. The "Gardens" are really meticulously trimmed greenery that is everywhere in abundance. This page of photos primarily features the landscape images of the gardens and the many bronze and marble sculptures and the many individually unique bronze urns that line the ponds. Warning - the Gardens are immense, stretching for perhaps a mile by a mile, and extending even further to the Domaine de Marie Antoinette, so a lot of walking is possible. Alternatively, the Gardens do rent golf carts to get more easily around.

Marble Sculptures in Versailles Gardens

Bronze Sculptures in Versailles Gardens

Fountains in Versailles Gardens