Photos of White Pockets in the
Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

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This page has photos of the White Pockets area of the Paria Canyon located in the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona, just south of the border with Utah. The area is full of stunning rock formations with rich colors, textures, and shapes. To reach White Pockets, a high-clearance 4WD vehicle is absolutely essential. The roads leading to White Pockets consist of 20 miles of well-maintained slick rock style road (which is unpassable when wet), followed by a few miles of dirt road, then 15 miles of deep sand two-track. I recommend checking with the BLM in Kanab, UT for the best route to White Pockets. In the early spring of 2014, the route was Hwy 89 to House Valley Rock Road (roughly mile marker 25), then south exactly 20 miles to BLM road 1017 east. This road becomes deep sand after a few miles. Watch for and turn onto BLM 1087 heading north. This branches off to BLM 1086 which continues to the parking area, located just east of White Pockets.

Each of these photos is available in high resolution capable of generating a high quality print, if desired. Contact TheWorldinLight Photographic Gallery if interested.

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